How To Make Money as a Personal Trainer

A personal training career can be challenging, lucrative and exciting. A few tips can help focus your time on the tasks that will set you up the most for success in this job.

Here are 11 of the best tips to prepare you for a personal training career including:

Always Look Professional and Presentable

Know Which Environment You Want to Work In

Manage Your Time Well

Set Aside Money for Unexpected Expenses

Invest in Continuing Education

Provide Personalized Workouts

Offer In-Home Personal Training

Advertise Yourself Online and In Person

Offer Free Services to Gain Clients

Immerse Yourself in the Right Environment

Create A Website

These tips should be able to give you a better chance at standing out in the personal training field.

Through this post I hope to demonstrate how to make money as a personal trainer by using certain tips.

Suit and Tie
Always Look Professional and Presentable

Always Look Professional and Presentable

Taking the time to look the part of being a personal trainer is important because this goes along with making a good first impression.

If you take the time to dress in more active but clean and high quality, then you will be seen as more professional. This should help provide you with more opportunities for work.

Looking presentable and well put together is an important task to do every day because this will affect many parts of your life in positive ways. People who dress the part of being a personal trainer are seen as more confident because it looks like this is what they do for a living.

You don’t need a super detailed routine but focus on the basics of looking your best and this should help you in your personal training career.

Dumbbells in a Gym
Know Which Environment You Want to Work In

Know Which Environment You Want to Work In

There are a few different training environments that personal trainers work in and determining which one you want to work in is critical.

Each of these locations focus on specific ways of training and require different skills.

The 3 main training environments include:

  • Gyms
  • In Home
  • Online

These 3 locations are the main ways that trainers make a living and figuring out which one plays to your strengths is key. Experimenting with all of these 3 locations can give you critical experience about which one will work best for you.

Going to work in a public or private gym is the traditional path and probably the most straight forward out of these locations.

Going this route will allow you to work with groups of people and train them and eventually you will be able to start working with clients one on one. Working in a specific client’s home is a bit more tricky to get as many clients because it normally costs extra to train someone at home.

Traveling to a client’s home with most of the working out equipment with you is going to be very convenient for your client.

Working online is an option that I have not worked in very much but depending on who you are as a person this could be a great fit for you.

I say this because if you have certain technical skills as well as social skills then you could make this facility really work.

There are now many trainers in all of these locations and many more locations. Working online will allow you to connect with people from all over the world and could allow you to have much more clients.

This option can be tricky to get started because it can be hard to stand out from the other online personal trainers.

Manage Your Time Well

Managing your time well will allow you to maximize how much work you can get done in any day. Whether you are juggling multiple jobs, going to school or working solely on personal training, learning the skill of managing your time well is extremely important.

Understanding that the first 6 months of getting going in a personal training career will likely push you to learn a ton of new information.

It could take you up to 2 years before you are realistically able to make a full time living as a trainer. You could start having financial success sooner but it is probably going to take some significant time before you have a stable and full time income from training.

I like to create to do list’s every day in order to make sure that I get all the needed tasks completed that day. I also prepare most of my food at home so that I don’t have to think about buying food for most of the day.

One other way to use your time well, is to cut out the things in your life that are slowing down your progress in becoming a personal trainer.

Consistently prioritizing parts of your day to be focused on bettering yourself as a personal trainer will help you get significantly better as a trainer.

Pile of money
Set Aside Money for Unexpected Expenses

Set Aside Money for Unexpected Expenses

Setting aside some money for unexpected expenses is going to save you from getting into very tight financial situations.

A good idea is to have a job that supports you financially as you get your personal training career started. If you have a steady source of income, then you can take your time really learning as much as you can for your training career.

The first few years can take a lot of work to make enough money solely from your personal training work to cover all your expenses.

Always having money ready for an unexpected expense will save you from being super pushed in your life. I would even go so far as to build up a safety net of money in your bank account before you really start applying yourself to personal training.

Having a strong safety net of money is going to give you enough money to protect you from any unexpected expenses.

If you want to read more about how to create a safety net of money and how to budget money better, read How to Budget Your Money Better.

Invest in Continuing Education

Investing money and time into continuing education is going to serve you very well as you progress in your personal training career.

Certain certifications can be important for getting your foot in the door in many gyms.

The 6 main certifications to focus on include the following:

  1. ACE(American Council on Exercise)
  2. NSCA(National Strength and Conditioning)
  3. NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  4. ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine)
  5. CrossFit Level 1
  6. First Aid and CPR

Gaining certifications will help give you more knowledge and can give you huge information about what you are really interested in.

Studying, taking the exam and passing any of the above certifications would give you critical skills that would give you invaluable

The CrossFit certification is a different kind of personal training certification than the others but it can be important for opening up certain doors.

CrossFit has become popular and working as a trainer or coach in a CrossFit gym can be a great experience.

If you are interested in CrossFit and teaching any classes, then you should take the CrossFit Level 1 certification. It is a 2-day course and costs $1,000 but is full of tons of helpful information.

A First Aid and CPR certification is needed to work in all private or public gyms and is simply a great certificate to have. Having this will help open up some doors for you and once you have it, you only need to retake the test every 2 years.

Retaking the test involves a little studying before hand but is very doable over a long weekend. These are only handful of the main certifications that you can take.

These certifications can help you stand out from your competitors by showing that you have specific knowledge.

Provide Personalized Workouts

Providing personalized workouts is going to give you more potential for clients and more business. Creating personalized workouts can take tons of extra time but can attract more clients because many people will want very specific programs.

I have created personalized workouts for friends and clients and it was a rewarding experience. But it also took much more time and energy to create and I was only doing this for a few people.

Creating personalized workouts could include the following:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Stretching routine
  • Monday-Sunday planned schedules for exercise
  • Strength training exercises
  • Diet recommendations*

The majority of these details could be expected in these workouts designed for each person. But when giving any kind of diet advice or recommendations, only give resources for each client to check out.

But don’t actually give specific diet recommendations, unless you have specific certifications or training.

Personalized workouts can be effective at getting clients results but it is important to understand that it will take much more energy to create these workouts.

Gym Environment

Offer In-Home Personal Training

Offering in home personal training can earn you more money and increase your overall experience level. There are many trainers who rent out a van and have a full time business going straight to each client’s home to give personal training workouts.

In home personal training can be very convenient for your clients and could land you with great money. But it important to understand that it will be harder to get as many clients to sign up for this service because it will cost much more.

If you are searching for another way to stand out as a trainer, then offering these in-home training sessions could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Spread the word that you are willing to do this kind of service and you could be surprised with a few interested clients.

Advertise Yourself Online and In Person

Put the word out to anyone of your friends and contacts in person or online. The key here is to let people know what you are offering and how they can reach you if they are interested.

If you are really interested in becoming a full time personal trainer, then you should be advertising yourself almost all the time.

I don’t mean that you simply tell everyone you see that you are a trainer and that they should train with you.

Don’t force it by telling everyone. But whenever there is interest shown towards your services about wanting a trainer, then you absolutely give this person all the key details about what you are offering.

Guy Working Out in Gym
Offer Free Services to Gain Clients

Offer Free Services to Gain Clients

Offering free services could help you gain more exposure and potentially gain more clients.

There are many ways to offer free services but there key ones to focus on which will get you the best results.

The following are some of the best free services to try out:

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Free First Workout
  3. Free Talk for a Group

All of these services will help you get people interested in your training and if you can offer value to them, then you are more likely to keep them training with you.

Offering a free consultation is great for sitting down with a potential client and explaining everything that you are willing to do for them.

This is where you can explain in detail more about what you can do for them and whether you are worth working with compared to other trainers.

Offering a free first workout can be another way to get clients that could work very well. It is important to understand that this option is generous because you are not making money from this.

If you are confident that you are going to give these new clients something that will keep them coming back to work with you, then offering a free first workout could be a great way to attract clients.

If you can find a public place where you can talk in front of a group, then this could help you spread the word about your services.

This might be a little challenging to find the right place to do this but trying out the local library could be an opportunity to get the word out to more people.

The ultimate goal here is to get more people informed about your services because the more people you tell, the more likely that you are going to find potential clients who will be interested in working with you.

Library for Focusing
Immerse Yourself in The Right Environment to Learn and Grow

Immerse Yourself in The Right Environment

Immersing yourself in the right environment could be the difference between you becoming a successful trainer or not.

Find the place where you are most likely to learn, grow and push yourself to get better and stay in that place as much as you can.

If you want to get a position in a gym, then be at that gym as much as you can and show up more. Consistently being present and showing that you know what you are talking about will increase your chances of getting hired.

If you are trying to study for a specific certification such as the ACE(American Council on Exercise) personal training certification, then go to the best environment to do that such as the library.

Whatever environment that is going to push you to grow the most in the ways that will make you a better trainer is the environment that you need to be in a lot in order to become successful.

When I really want to learn and apply myself, then I go to a local library where I can totally focus on that task. It is the most conducive environment for me to learn in.

Finding whatever environment that is best for you and being there a lot will greatly help you in your pursuit to become a successful trainer.

Create A Website

Creating a website is a great way to get people informed about what you are offering and offers another way for you to get the information out there that you are a personal trainer.

If you are interested in learning how to set up a website and the basics involved in that, try out Wealthy Affiliate.

This is great resource for learning the basics of website design as well as how to become successful in marketing yourself online.

An easy to navigate website that provides all the critical information about what you are offering could be great for attracting new clients.

Push Yourself Consistently

There are many options for getting started in the personal training field and it can be very exciting.

It is important to understand that to realistically stand out in this field you are probably going to have to apply yourself a ton by learning as much as possible and working hard.

If you follow these tips and consistently work hard, then you will have a better chance at standing out and achieving success as a personal trainer.

I hope that you liked this post and found useful information on how to make money as a personal trainer.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. Hi Jessy
    I love your article. It’s so seldom that someone takes their career seriously when it doesn’t happen in an office. Well done.
    I have an extra suggestion.
    To do a qualification in First Aid, since you won’t always be dealing with people who are fit already, heart issues, or even sprains can be debilitating. The trainer who can step in and help will come across most professional, and might even gain clients.
    Wish you all the best in your endeavors!

  2. A great in depth article about how to make money as a personal trainer. You have covered all aspects in depth and anyone who wants to make money as a personal trainer could use this article as a base to take the right steps when starting.

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