How to Make Money Selling Your Clothes

Selling your clothes could give you a significant income boost if you find the best places to sell them. Finding the best resources to sell to can take some time and research but here I have broken down the best ones to use.

Use these 7 resources to help make the most from your clothes including:




Buffalo Exchange


Local Consignment Stores


Utilize these resources to find the best ways to make some money for your clothes.

Through this post I hope to provide you with helpful information on how to make money selling your clothes.


Thredup is the easiest resource here to use because it will take care of everything for you. Order a clean out kit and fill it up with all your high quality clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

After you have filled this kit up, send this kit off in the mail by leaving it for your mail carrier or shipping it from a FedEx Office or USPS location.

You then sit back, relax and let the Thredup team do the work for you by photographing, listing and shipping your items for you.

An important note is that they only accept on average 40% of what goes into a clean out kit to sell.

The biggest ways to maximize your chances of having those items in the clean out kit sold are to do the following:

  • Make Sure there is very little signs of wear
  • No Damage
  • No Alterations

Thredup is primarily for selling women’s and children’s clothing and the pricing for each item is dependent on many factors.

These factors include the following:

  1. Estimated retail price
  2. What Season it is
  3. Particular Brand
  4. The Quality of the item

They have a much higher payout for expensive items whereas there is not as much money to be made from cheaper items.

For example, a pair of old jeans listed at a retail price of $11 would only pay you out $0.55.

But if you were trying to sell a very expensive Gucci handbag with a listed retail price at $358, you would be paid out $286.

This part of Thredup means that if you have high quality expensive items you are likely to get good money for them.

But if you have high quality but not that expensive of retail priced items, then you will likely not get that much money paid to you.

Nice Brown Bag
Use Tradesy for All Clothing Items



Tradesy is great if you want to sell your items quickly because you can sell directly from your closet.

You can sell bags, clothing, shoes and accessories by taking a picture of each item and then listing it on Tradesy and Tradesy will enhance your picture to make it look better for selling.

After you have snapped a picture of your item, give a detailed description of that item to help it sell faster.

Tradesy will provide many examples of what to include in your description to help it sell faster and for the amount that it deserves.

Once you get an item sold, you will be sent a prepaid and already addressed kit that includes the packaging needed.

For items that are sold for under $50 Tradesy will deduct a $7.50 commission fee whereas on items sold for more than $50 there will be a 19.8% commission rate.

Benefits of using this resource include:

  1. The low commission rate means more money for you.
  2. Seller protection to protect you from shipping fees and returns.
  3. List your item within minutes.
  4. Get guided help to ensure you sell your item for what it is worth.

There seems to be more money to be made using Tradesy but it still depends a lot on how valuable your items are.


Use eBay to sell all of your items and potentially make more money but understand that you will have to do a little more work than some other resources on this list.

eBay allows you to take a picture, add a description, set a price for your item and sell it quickly.

Once you make a sale, you will be required to box up the item, print a label from eBay directly and ship it off.

There is no listing fee but if your item sells, then there will be a final value charge for that item that eBay will take.

Benefits of using eBay include:

  • Being able to list up to 50 items for free.
  • Set your own price with expert help from the eBay team.
  • Set up an item for selling quickly.
  • Access to over 177 million shoppers.

If you don’t have that many clothes to sell, there are plenty of other items that sell on eBay.

Any extra textbooks, jewelry, cameras, toys and much more can be sold on this site for money through the same process as selling your clothes.

Buffalo Walking
Use Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a clothing store that focuses on becoming the most useful spot for customers to trade, sell and buy recycled and new clothing. There are currently 50 stores in 19 different states in the U.S.

Bring your clothes in person to this store and get money or store credit that day. The process involves going into the store, with no appointment needed, and bring a Government issued ID or a Passport.

Then Buffalo Exchange will give you money right there for one of the following:

  • 30% cash value
  • 50% store credit

You can also use your store credit right there to buy something or save it for another time by putting it onto a trade card. This trade card can be used at any Buffalo Exchange location and never expires.

It can be a satisfying experience to go into the store with a bunch of clothes and come out with half the clothes you went in with and cash in your hand.

It is important to understand that the items which are accepted have to be high quality, in season or specifically needed for that particular store.

I have been here many times and gotten solid money for my extra clothes.

I try to go to this store when I know I will be in the general area so that it will be on my way and I will not spend extra time and money getting to this store.

You can always browse the Buffalo Exchange website to get any more information about whether stores are accepting certain items right now.

You can even sell your clothes to this resource by physically mailing it in by easily getting a bag sent you that can be filled and then shipped to the store.

If you do end up selling your clothes by mailing them in, then you will receive a payment of 50% store credit or 25% cash value in the form of a check or have it sent to your PayPal account. You can elect to have your non accepted items shipped back to you but it will cost you $15.

This probably means it is more financially worth it to assume that everything you ship to Buffalo Exchange will not be coming back to you.

They will take those non accepted clothes and sell them in a monthly yard sale that donates money to charities.

This resource even provides you with the top 6 tips for selling your clothes to help get the most money for your clothes.

Pile of Money
Use Craigslist for More Money Opportunities


Craigslist can be an easy place to sell your clothes since there is very little cost to advertise here. You never know what you will be able to sell here and this could be a great way to advertise any clothes you have.

This option is likely to be better for individuals who have less designer clothing that won’t sell in the other resources listed here.

Take a chance listing that same item of clothing here on Craigslist for some money and have a much higher profit potential.

Using Craigslist is particularly useful if you want to sell something locally.

If you have experience selling on this resource, then this could be a great way to pick up extra money and make more money.

There is much more work that you have to do here including setting up your price, picture, all the important details and connecting to potential buyers.

This extra work to get stuff sold can sometimes mean there be fewer items sold. I would use the other resources on this list first and then with any items that have not been able to sell try selling them here.

If you want to learn more about how to make money through Craigslist, then read How To Make Money With Craigslist.

Local Consignment Stores

I have had great success selling my clothes at a local consignment store that sells and buys used clothes. You can do a quick search of your area to determine if there are stores that will do this and what they will accept.

Each store will be a little different about what they are willing to buy back and a lot of this will depend on what season is coming up since a lot of these stores will try to prepare for each season a couple months in advance.

I was able to get some money for this and all I had to do was drop off my clothes, fill out 2 minutes worth of paperwork and wait for about 20 minutes as they went through my items.

Blue Tie and White Dress Shirt
Grailed for Selling Men’s Clothing


This is a place that is designed for men’s clothing and selling used clothing for guys. The clothes need to be high-end designer items and the items will have to be in great shape.

You must submit a minimum of 3 quality photos to your listing and when an item sells, there will be a 6% commission fee.

There also will be PayPal fees, which are usually around 2.9% for domestic purchases and this could bring the total charge to be around 9-10% for each item sold.

I like this resource because it is great for selling a lot of my men’s clothing that otherwise can be tricky to sell in other places. But I didn’t like that it wasn’t as easy to find out information about how to sell clothes through Grailed and what the process really involves.

Tips to Maximize Selling Potential

Try to go through your closet at least twice a year to declutter your space because this will allow you to be able to get rid of stuff you aren’t using anymore.

Give every item a thorough look over to make sure it has no discernible damage or stains.

A couple extra tips to maximize your selling potential are the following:

  • Wash and dry your clothes before going to the store or taking pictures of them to make them look as good as possible.
  • Understand that some stores accept items seasonally. This means that they will be looking for certain items of clothing during the months leading up to Christmas and then the months leading up to summer.

Take the time to go through the clothes you want to sell and pick the highest quality, least damaged and most in demand items so that you can have a greater chance of getting significant money for these clothes.

The typical money given to you for used clothes is 1/3 the original value.

Utilize These Resources to Make Money for Your Clothes

There can be a surprising amount of money to be made from selling your clothes if you find the right resources to sell through.

If you really get into this selling of your clothes for money, you can actually turn this into a consistent side income.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and learned some helpful tips on how to make money selling your clothes.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

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  1. Hi Jesse,
    Great information! I knew eBay, Craigslist, local consignment, and in our area, Facebook online yard sales were an option but I had no idea about the others.
    I think men’s clothes are harder to sell and you have offered some great choices. My nephew buys higher-end clothes but as he outgrows them, they are just taking up room in his closet. I’m sure he will be happy to read this too!

  2. I learnt a lot from this post, so thanks for sharing. I had no idea such places existed for selling unwanted clothes. I always used to take mine to the local charity shop, but great to see you can actually make some money from quality clothes in good condition.

  3. Great article man.

    I never knew that there were more ways to sell clothes online other than ebay.

    Do all these options like tradesy work in all countries on in certain countries.

    1. I am happy that you liked this article!
      There are a lot of different options for selling clothes.
      ThredUp will work in certain countries, but Tradesy will unfortunately not work outside the U.S.
      Grailed seems to work in most countries too.

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