How To Make Money Selling Your Stuff-8 Tips

Selling your extra stuff could help you gain some cash while de cluttering your space too. Most of us have extra items that are simply not being used enough and taking up space.

Selling these items could help us get some money quickly which could be used to get new items that will be used. Find and use certain tips to maximize how much you can make from selling your items.

Focus on using these 8 main tips including:

  1. Focus on the Most Valuable Items
  2. Unused and Extra Items Should Be Sold
  3. Take Excellent Pictures and Provide Tons of Details
  4. Make Your Stuff Look as Good as Possible
  5. Use Best Resources
  6. Local Consignment Stores
  7. Craigslist
  8. Yard Sale

These tips should help give you the opportunity to make more money. Whether you need money quickly or are willing to search for a great price to sell your stuff, following these tips is going to help you.

Through this post I will show you how to make money selling your stuff and how you can make more money than you might think from many of your extra items.

Focus on the Most Valuable Items

Focusing on the most valuable items will likely give you the best chance to get more money for your effort. Certain items such as couches, electronics and furniture can be ideal for selling to get good money.

Focusing on these higher value items and making them as ready to sell as possible could be the most straightforward way of making some money. Selling these items in person or online could be great depending on how quickly you want to sell them.

Maybe you have a DVD player that you aren’t using anymore and this could be sold for some money through online resources or friends.

Unused and Extra Items Should Be Sold

Any extra items you have that aren’t being used enough should be potentially sold. These unused items are probably not worth keeping and will free up your space a lot and get you some money.

I have gotten rid of items at many items in my life when they start to not be used enough. Every time it feels much better to have those items gone and getting some cash for them is extra great.

Take Excellent Pictures and Provide Tons of Details

Taking excellent pictures can help your item stand out if you are advertising it online. Also, providing tons of important details can be great for informing potential buyers about all the main features.

Excellent pictures can help sell your items quickly and for what they are actually worth.

Make Your Stuff Look as Good as Possible

Make your stuff look as good as possible by cleaning them and preparing them to look its best. This is especially important for increasing the selling value of your stuff.

Cleaning clothes and making them look as presentable as possible can make them sell for a much higher amount.

Use Best Resources

Using the best resources for selling your stuff can be critical for finding the best ways to get the most for your stuff.

Checking out the ThePennyHoarder, BookFinder and Decluttr websites could be key for de cluttering your space. Each of these resources has tips and tools for selling most of your stuff.

The Penny Hoarder specializes in giving out helpful and useful financial advice on just about any financial decision. They have articles dedicated to helping you sell your stuff faster and easier.

BookFinder is great resource to sell your books that can quickly give you an idea of how valuable your books really are. You can quickly enter the ISBN, which is the International Standard Book Number, to find out what the price is going to be for reselling your book.

Decluttr is a website that does all the big work for you when you are trying to sell items. You simply send them the basic information about what you are selling and they will inform you what they can pay you for this item.

Decluttr is particularly good at selling all kinds of items including, DVDs, books, cell phones, video games and iPads. They can make the process very straightforward for selling your items for some money.

Local Consignment Stores

Use local consignment stores that specialize in certain items to get more potential money. Going to these stores can be ideal for selling unused but high quality clothes and shoes.

I have used local consignment stores to sell some of my clothes that were not being used. The key is to focus on your most high quality items that look as close to new as possible.


Selling items on Craigslist can be great for promoting these items to tons of people for a very small fee per month. It usually costs $5 per month to advertise yourself which is small price to pay for being able to connect to many people in your area.

It is easy to create a page for each item and you just need to include as much important details as possible. Putting up as high quality of pictures as possible is key for attracting potential buyers.

If you are interested in learning more about to make through this resource, read How to Make Money with Craigslist.

Yard Sale

Selling stuff with a yard sale can be great for selling in your local community. Trying to do a yard sale on Saturday or Sunday is likely to give you the best chance of selling your stuff and getting enough people to come by.

You also should try to create as easy to read signs as possible in the area and tell as many people as possible about when you are going to do your yard sale. This is not likely to get you as much money as the other options but if you are looking to get some money for your stuff, then this could be just the right option for you.

Yard Sale sign
Use Yard Sale to Sell Items


Use these tips to get the most money for your stuff and you could be surprised at how much you can make.

I hope that you liked this post and found valuable information for how to make money selling your stuff.

If you have any questions, please leave them here and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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