How To Save Money At Target – 8 Main Tips

Finding the best tips to save at Target can bring your savings to a whole new level. Using this resource to get the best deals is going to help you spend less on the items you are already going to buy.

Use these 8 main tips including:

  1. Shop Clearance
  2. Sign Up and Use A RedCard
  3. Download the Target App
  4. Create A Shopping List and Stick With It
  5. Price Check Each Item
  6. Use Cash Back Websites
  7. Pick The Best Day To Shop
  8. Holiday Shop Early

These tips can help keep you from spending more than you need to on certain items. The more of these tips that you use, the more likely it will be for you to save money.

Through this post I will show you useful tips for how to save money at Target and the best ways to use these tips.

Clothing In Clothes Store
Shop Clearance

Shop Clearance

Shop the clearance sections before you buy the item that you are searching for because this could be an easy way to save more. This section can often times have perfectly good items that Target is trying to get rid of to make room for new stuff.

I like to check out the clearance section regularly in order to see what kind of deals are going on. Always check out the clearance sections especially if you are buying clothes. The clothes areas generally have high quality items that are significantly cheaper for various reasons.

Sign Up and Use A RedCard

Signing up and using a RedCard can be another way to save as long as you use the card. The RedCard will allow you to get 5% off every item you buy in the Target store or online.

The RedCard can also be used at one other stores to save you money, which is any Starbucks store. You will be able to save 5% on any purchase when you pay with your RedCard at Starbucks.

One important thing to note is that signing up for a RedCard will require you to have your credit checked. This formal check could result in your credit score going down temporary because a new line of credit is being opened.

When I signed up for a RedCard, I did not realize that this was going to happen to my credit score. My score did drop a little but bounced back within a month.

As long as you are ready for this to potentially happen, then you should be prepared to use this card and save on many Target deals. The RedCard will allow you to save consistently and can be a simple way to save if you use Target regularly.

Download the Target App

Downloading the Target app can give you extra savings because this business is always promoting new deals. This app can be easy to use and provide you with a notification whenever there is decrease in price for an item that you want.

Once the app is downloaded, you will be able to quickly see what items are discounted right now. You can also use the app to buy items using the app and then park your car in the Target parking lot and wait for the items to be delivered to you.

This is a feature only available within the app. If you buy items on the Target app, then you simple wait in your car and the items will be hand delivered to you if this is what you want. Using the app can help you plan ahead and see if the item you want is in stock at your store.

Create A Shopping List and Stick With It

Create a shopping list and stick to that list is key for saving money. Target has many deals within it but most of these items you probably don’t need and you should not buy.

Creating this list at home is best because you can brainstorm what you will really need. I like to do this whether I am going shopping at Target, the grocery store or wherever I am shopping.

Sticking to this list is always going to keep you from spending money on items that you don’t need.

Price Check Each Item

Checking the price for each item that you are buying at this store can be critical for saving money. Target has great deals on most items but it is not always the location to get all the best deals.

Other discount stores can have better deals going on that could help you save more.

You can always return an item for a refund if you find a better deal somewhere else. Target has a very simple return policy for most items. As long as you have your receipt and it has been less than 6 months since your purchase, then you should be able to get reimbursed for the full amount.

Other discount stores can have better deals going on that could help you save more. Knowing when to buy an item on your list from somewhere else is going to be another way for you to save money.

Use Cash Back Websites

Use Cash Back websites and Apps in order to save more money on the purchases that you are already going to be making. Signing up with these websites can be a simple way of getting cash back for stuff that you are already going to buy.

Rakuten, formerly called eBates, is one of many resources that can be helpful for getting money back for your purchases. Signing up for these websites is free and you will then be able to save money consistently at this store and other discount stores.

After you have signed up, you will be sent promotional emails about upcoming deals and there can be a lot of them sent. Be prepared for these constant emails and you should be ready to take advantage of great savings and get money back.

Go onto the Rakuten website to see what stores are having deals for items that you want and you could find a really cheap price for the item that you need.

Pick The Best Day To Shop

Picking the best day to shop can be a simple way to amplify how much you are saving. Each day of the week can have specific deals for items and going to this store on these days could help you find the sweeter deals.

The following is a tentative schedule of what each day specializes in for deals:

Monday = Kids’ stuff, electronics

Tuesday = Pet Items, Women’s Clothing

Wednesday = All Furniture, Men’s Clothing

Thursday = All Kinds of Shoes, Silverware and Houseware

Friday = Car Items, Household Hardware

Each store could have different deals because of availability of items. Check out your store for the items listed above when they are more likely to be on sale. Going to search for car stuff on Friday is more likely to give you great deals.

But the items are not guaranteed to be on sale but are more likely to be a little cheaper. I like to shop for clothing on Wednesday’s because there is a slightly better chance of getting a cheaper price.

Christmas Tree and Holiday Decorations
Holiday Shop Early

Holiday Shop Early

Shopping for the holidays at this discount store early can be a great way to get deals. A very ideal time of year to buy holiday decorations or holiday items is right after the holidays have occurred.

One of the best times of year to check out Target is for holiday shopping is right after Christmas but before the New Year starts.

This is when most extra items are at super deals because the store is getting ready for the New Year. Target can have good deals for Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the major holidays during the holiday season.

But if you want the truly super deals and are financially ready for the purchases, then buy them right after that holiday has ended. I always check out this discount store for miscellaneous holiday shopping stuff because it has consistently low prices.

Shop and Save Better at Target

Shopping at Target consistently is going to allow you to save more and reduce your stress levels about money. This store is great for all kinds of items but timing can be key to acquire the truly super deals.

I hope that you found useful and practical information in this post about how to save money at Target.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. I love the practical advice given here. I did not realize that on different days of the week, different items are on sale. I will defiantly have to check out my local store to see on what day the things I need are on sale.

    Also I did not know that there were cash back websites. My mind is officially blown!

    Thanks so much for this information.

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