How To Save Money at Trader Joe’s-10 Tips

Utilizing the right discount stores is key for spending less and taking stress out of your life. Shopping at Trader Joe’s can be a straight forward store that can make grocery shopping simple and provide you with consistent savings. The right tips can go a long way to maximizing your savings in this store.

Use these 10 best tips including:

  1. Never Shop Hungry
  2. Always Write A List and Stick to It
  3. Shop At The Best Time of Day
  4. Buy Most of Your Non Perishable Food Items Here
  5. Load Up On Bananas
  6. You Can Return Items for Full Refund
  7. Bring A Bag and Spend $25 To Be Entered Into Weekly Raffle
  8. Buy Frozen Food Options
  9. Buy Coffee Beans Here
  10. Bulk Buy When Possible

Use these tips to start saving money consistently and you will find yourself saving much more than you might think you would. Grocery shopping can set you up to save tons of money and allow you to not be forced to go out to eat as much.

Through this post I will show you useful and valuable tips for how to save money at Trader Joe’s and how great this store can be for saving.

Never Shop Hungry

Never shopping hungry is key for not spending too much at this store. Bringing some snacks and eating those before you go shopping could be key for keeping the munchies from eating into your savings potential.

Shopping hungry can make you spend more money on food that you don’t need because you are craving it at the moment. Planning ahead by eating some food before going into the store can go a long way towards saving you money.

Always Write A List and Stick To It

Creating a detailed list and sticking to it is key for maximizing the amount that you can save. Create the shopping list at home to determine what you actually need from the store and this will help you know exactly what you need.

I like to create the shopping list at home because then I will be able to search my kitchen and cupboards for what items I need. I then bring the list with me in the store and refer to it as I shop. Doing this can be huge for only buying what I need and not getting a tasty and expensive treat at the moment.

Shop At The Best Time of Day

Shopping at the non busy times of day will help cut down on how much time you will spend in line at the register. Going from 10am-2pm or 6pm-8pm can be good windows of time when it is usually less busy. Also, shopping during a week day, instead of during the weekend, will also be less busy times to shop.

Check out your Trader Joe’s store at different times of day to see what time will work best for you. Generally shopping during the times listed above will be the better times to shop and save.

One great benefit of this store is that they offer good deals any day of the week and at any time of the day.

Buy Most of Your Non Perishable Food Items Here

Buy most of your non-perishable food items here because the quality will be great and the price will be super low. The food items this encompasses is anything packaged, such as spaghetti, beans, rice, almonds and oatmeal.

Buying non-perishable food items here can be super big for spending less on items that you are already going to buy. Trader Joe’s keeps their prices low on most items and these non-perishable ones are simply too worth it to not buy here.

As long as you are buying food items that you need, then buying them at this store will almost definitely be the cheapest option.

Load Up On Bananas

Buying extra bananas here could help you save a lot of money on your fruit and grocery shopping. The price of these bananas has remained super low compared to any other stores and the quality is consistently good.

The prices for the non organic bananas is $0.19 per banana and $0.25 for the organic banana. Both of these prices are very low for bananas and stocking up by buying a few extra bananas here will likely save you tons.

Bananas are easy to eat by themselves or mix them into a smoothie or into a banana bread recipe. It will be worth it to buy bananas because it will likely save you key amounts of money for your grocery shopping.

You Can Return Items for Full Refund

You can return items for a full refund here which is very nice. I have only had to ask for a refund on a couple of items but they were always very happy to help me out. I had to ask for a refund on a couple items where I was charged for more items than I bought and they quickly refunded me the money.

Bring A Bag and Spend $25 To Be Entered Into Weekly Raffle

Bring your own bags for shopping and spend $25 on your visit to be entered into a weekly raffle. Doing this could give you a chance at winning a $25 gift card to help cut down on your grocery shopping bill at Trader Joe’s.

Not all Trader Joe’s locations offer this deal but it could be an easy way to shop at this store and save more. Check with your Trader Joe store to see if they offer this raffle.

Buy Frozen Food Options

Buy frozen food options for some of your food and this will help you eat healthy food for less money. The best example I have found is buying the frozen broccoli because it is half as expensive as the fresh option for broccoli.

I like to eat healthy foods frequently and buying the frozen broccoli will allow you to not cut down on the quality of your diet. Buying potatoes, carrots and other dishes could be key for saving more and spending less.

I buy this box of truffles and immediately put it into my freezer so that it is harder to eat a lot of them. This helps me spoil myself some but keep the truffles lasting a long time by keeping them frozen.

This can be a great way to have healthy food available for weeks and could be a way to save money for a single person or a family. If you are interested in saving money for a family, read How To Budget For A Family.

Buy Coffee Beans Here

Buying coffee beans here could be another way to save on your coffee addiction. The coffee expense can become quite significant for many of us and buying coffee in bulk at this store can give you plenty of options to choose from for saving.

They have a good amount of options for coffee flavors and you can experiment here. You can buy whatever amount that you want but making sure you buy your coffee here is going to be beneficial for saving.

Bulk Buy When Possible

Buying items in bulk when it is possible will likely save you money down the road. There are tons of items that you can bulk buy at this store and doing this will guarantee that you get great deals.

I like to shop at this store once a week in order to buy everything I need. Doing this once a week shopping trip for the majority of my food items is key for saving on grocery shopping.

Shop Smarter and More Consistently at This Store

Shop smarter and shop here more consistently in order to save much more than you might think. Shopping at this store has saved me tons of money and it has so much to offer.

One of the best ways that this store will save you money is by offering consistently low prices. They provide no special deals because they offer most of their items at lower than almost any other store prices.

I hope that you liked this post and learned about valuable tips for how to save money at Trader Joe’s and why you should probably start shopping here more.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

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