How To Save Money at Whole Foods – 8 Tips

Shopping at Whole Foods can provide you with high quality and reasonable prices but only if you use smart money saving tips. These tips will likely cut down on how much you spend on groceries by a significant amount.

Whole Foods is known to have high quality foods for affordable prices but you have to shop smart to keep your spending costs from getting too high.

Use these 8 tips to save including:

Cash Back Websites and Apps

Write a List and Stick to It

Download the Whole Foods App

Shop During Special Sales Days

Buy in Bulk

Price Check Items with Other Stores

Shop Online to Get Special Savings

Know When to Shop at Another Store

Utilize these tips to help save on every item you purchase at this great store. Using these tips regularly can help you develop smart money saving habits that can end up saving you money for a long time.

Through this post I will show you useful tips and information for how to save money at Whole Foods.

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Use Cash Back Websites and Apps

Cash Back Websites and Apps

Using cash back websites and apps is great for saving on purchases that you are already going to make. This will help you get money back for your normal purchases that will help offset a little of the expenses.

2 Cash Back Websites Include:

  • Rakuten
  • CashBackholic

Rakuten is one of the better options for saving money without having too much hassle. To get cash back you simply make an account with Rakuten for free. You then shop at your store, as long as that store is giving out discounts through the Rakuten website.

Rakuten has cash back opportunities to most of the well-known stores. After you make enough purchases, you will be sent money through PayPal. Other popular stores that Rakuten will give cash back opportunities to are Amazon, WalMart and ebay.

CashBackholic is another website that is good for finding cash back websites and resources. This website is good for connecting you to other cash back websites and resources.

Sometimes there are no cash back opportunities through this website for Whole Foods. But you can use this resource to connect to your other likely stores to save consistently.

Create a List and Stick to It

Creating a list and sticking to it is going to guarantee that you spend less on extra items. Writing up this list at home can help you look at what you need and focus on those items.

Shopping without a list at a store, even a very inexpensive store, is almost always going to lead to extra spending. Even a little extra spending each time you shop can add up to lots of unnecessary spending in the long run.

I always create a list at home when shopping because then I know exactly what I need to get. This list can turn into a big money saving habit that is very straight forward to do at home.

But if you are not at home and quickly make this list wherever you are before going shopping, you will likely not spend extra money.

Download the Whole Foods App

Downloading the Whole Foods app can give you opportunities to save and make your shopping experience a little smoother. The app will show you what items on sale at the store you are shopping at. You can then figure out how you much you will spend on groceries from this app.

The app can give you recent big news for Whole Foods about what deals are occurring right now and in the near future. This app can connect you automatically to coupons and delicious recipes. You can create a shopping list within the app that can help you know exactly what you want to buy.

You can check out the customer service page on the Whole Foods website. My experience with the customer service part of this store has been really great. They are very helpful and friendly about helping you out.

Shop During Special Sales Days

Whole Foods has certain days when there is special sales going on and these are great days to shop to get extra savings. Each store might have different days when you can save but usually Wednesday is a day when you can save at every store.

Visiting the website for each store can tell you which days are going to be sales days. You can quickly search the website to see what items are on sale on your regular store.

You can even see if there is a noticeable difference in price for the same item at one store compared to another Whole Foods store.

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Buy in Bulk

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is always going to save you more money than not buying in bulk. Regardless of what store you are shopping at making a habit of buying in bulk when it makes sense is going to save you money.

Not all items can be bought in bulk but certain items can be and should be in order to get the best deals. Most people buy milk, eggs, butter and nutritional bars and buying these items in bulk is going to likely save you money.

Buying extra food items that you can freeze at home can help you get special discounts. If you buy enough food items in bulk, you can get a 10% discount.

Buying in bulk and freezing whatever you can is going to allow you to up your savings potential.

Price Check Items with Other Stores

Price checking items that you normally buy at this store and comparing the prices to other stores is useful to do. This is because Whole Food stores could have slightly different prices for each item. But other stores could have very different prices for certain items.

Price checking your main items that you know you will be buying for a long time can be a good task. This can help you determine where you can shop to get the best deals. This could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

I spent some time price checking each item I was buying consistently to try to pin down the best stores for me to buy items from. Whole Foods has tons of excellent quality items that are at a good price but you have to keep your eyes on the prices.

Another store that I shop at a lot is Trader Joe’s and you can get inexpensive deals there for grocery foods. If you want to learn more about saving money at Trader Joe’s, read How to Save Money at Trader Joes.

Shop Online to Get Special Savings

Shopping online could help you get affordable deals for groceries and other items. If you shop online and are an Amazon Prime member, then you are likely to receive a 10% discount for whatever you buy.

There are many benefits for being an Amazon Prime member that can lead to tons of savings. If you want to learn more about how to save money and the other benefits are for becoming an Amazon Prime member, read How To Save Money By Shopping Online.

Shopping online can help you see which items on your shopping list are being advertised with a special sale. The Whole Foods website is easy to navigate to see what this store is offering and what kind of sales are being offered.

Know When to Shop at Another Store

Knowing when to shop at another store is critical for saving money. Whole Foods is a great store to shop for high quality items at reasonable prices. But some items you can probably buy at other stores and save more money doing this.

Canned goods or prepackaged items could be items that you can buy at other stores to get cheaper prices. Whereas buying fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods is going to get a good price for excellent quality.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s for some of these prepackaged and canned goods can help you still get good quality without paying the slightly higher price that Whole Foods would make you pay.

Shop Smarter and Save More Consistently

Whole Foods is a terrific store with tons of super delicious foods at reasonable prices. Shopping here can sometimes be expensive but if you use the tips listed here consistently, then you will likely save money consistently.

Saving money when shopping primarily comes down to developing smart money saving habits. The more you practice these habits the easier it will be for these habits to become part of your routine.

I hope that you liked this post and found useful information for how to save money at Whole Foods.

If you have questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

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