How To Save Money For Vacations – 7 Tips

Learning the best tips for vacation planning can save you a significant amount of time and money.

Recently I went on a ten-day trip to Peru with my cousin. Before we left, I learned a great deal about how to prepare and save for our South American adventure.

I discovered a few key tips while planning out the trip that made it much easier and enjoyable.

I planned most of the details for the Peru trip even though I had little international traveling experience.

The 7 tips that were essential for the planning were the following:

Research with

Utilize Amazon

Calculate Your Monthly Vacation Savings Goal

Be Frugal in Key Areas

Pick Up a Side job

Sell Your Extra Items

Have Fun Planning

These 7 tips will provide you with useful information to save for your trip. Focusing on the following tips will significantly help show you how to save money for vacations.

Research With

Using Booking for most of the planning for this trip made everything much easier and enjoyable. makes it easy to find the following:

  • Inexpensive Accommodations
  • Flights
  • Car Rentals
  • Reviews for Accommodations

I used for all the places that we stayed and got tons of affordable deals.

We got to rent a car conveniently through and that made our trip way better. We saved a ton of money and their website made it easy to see what features came with each car.

I was able to search the website effortlessly to find just the right vehicle for our trip. The price for renting the car was broken down for each additional feature and there were plenty of affordable options.

Each lodging option gave you tons of helpful information about what was offered there. This information quickly gave you an idea whether that place was what we wanted.

You could look at the pictures, see what rating the place has and the popularity of this place.

The reviews of each place were key to look at because these were real people giving feedback and you could get all the helpful details. The reviews really helped me find the best and most affordable options.

Booking even has an app that makes it easy to find a place quickly. I planned out where we were going to stay in advance.

But for a couple nights during our trip we actually changed where we were going to be staying. Using the booking app made it easy to find inexpensive accommodations quickly.

You can even buy a plane ticket on Booking and find a deal there that connects you with a hotel where you are staying. This could end up saving you a lot because there are often great deals for certain flights and hotels together.

If you want to learn more about this resource, read Review of – Money Saving Site.

Utilize Amazon

I was able to get all the resources I needed to be prepared for the trip at affordable prices through Amazon. This included a guidebook, map of Peru and bug sprays.

I was able to use these great resources from Amazon to plan the trip in much more detail. Thanks to the speedy delivery service from Amazon they arrived in a couple days.

I checked around at local stores and other retailers before realizing that buying these products on Amazon was going to save me the most.

Whatever item you need for your trip most likely can be found on Amazon at a price that is very inexpensive. There can also be a lot of information for each product that can be helpful.

You can research each product and see how effective that item has been for people and determine if it really will be necessary for your trip.

If you to learn more about the saving potential for using Amazon, read How To Save Money by Shopping Online.

Tropical Destination
Calculate Your Monthly Vacation Savings Goal

Calculate Your Monthly Vacation Savings Goal

Calculate how much the trip will cost and then break down that cost into a monthly amount. By doing this you will be able to save enough to be financially prepared for the trip.

If your trip is not for 3 months, then you take the total amount and divide it by 3 to get your monthly goal.

If your total expenses for the trip are $900, then the monthly goal for each month should be $300.

$900 = Total Trip Expense

$900/3 = $300 Monthly Trip Expense

If you do not have many months to prepare for the trip, then you can simply come up with a weekly vacation savings goal. This way you can still have a goal to shoot for and save up some money each week.

I like to break down the vacation total into a monthly expense because it turns this big amount into a much more manageable number.

Once you start saving money per month to account for your trip, then you will quickly feel much more prepared for it.

Be Frugal in Key Areas

Focusing on a few key areas in your budget where you could be more frugal could save you more for your upcoming adventure.

The key areas to be more frugal in include:

  • Food
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Gym Expense

There is often room to save money with food by going out to eat less and preparing more meals at home.

Another key way to cut down on expenses for food is by buying less fresh fruit and vegetables and instead go for canned or frozen options. The frozen and canned food options can often be surprisingly good and less expensive.

I liked to cut down on my miscellaneous expenses such as buying new clothes, going to the movies or going out for drinks.

There are a lot more expenses that could be piling up in this category that could be costing you more than you might think.

Exercise Outside More

One great way you can save some money is by pausing your gym membership for a month or two. This allows you to not have to pay for the gym for those two months and still be allowed to return to that gym after the two months.

You have to check with your gym to see if this is an option but if it is, then you could save an extra amount.

You will not be able to use the gym during the two-month pause period. But you can always focus on an at home exercise program during this time in order to give you that extra boost in money for your trip.

If you want a few more tips for saving money, read Frugal Tips for Saving Money.

Pick Up Side Job

Picking up a side job can increase your income and give you a key boost of income to make sure that you have more to cover your vacation expenses.

Even picking up a temporary job for the next few months could help you have more money for your trip.

Woman Walking Dog
Walk Dogs for Some Money

Easier jobs to pick up could include the following:

All of these jobs can be started within a week of applying or sooner and could be a simple way for you to pick up money for your trip.

Dog walking is a able to be done with an official company such as Rover or spending time walking your neighbor’s or friend’s dogs.

All of these jobs can be completed on your own schedule.

Sell Your Extra Items

Selling your extra items could give you more money and declutter your place both of which are positives. Picking your most likely to sell items and getting some money for them could be helpful for saving for the vacation.

Yard Sale Sign
Have a Yard Sell

Use the following resources to sell your stuff:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Word of Mouth
  4. Yard Sale

All of these could be great for reselling your stuff for some quick cash. Posting your stuff on Craigslist or the local Facebook marketplace could give you plenty of interest, especially if you advertise your stuff well.

Spending the word within your friend or coworker network could help you easily sell your stuff for some money.

A yard sale could be great for selling a lot of stuff but remember to get a permit to sell and advertise in your area a lot.

Have Fun Planning

Have fun planning your upcoming trip, whether you are traveling internationally or going for a short camping trip right down the road.

I tried to focus on enjoying the process of planning out the trip instead of worrying about every little detail.

Take your time planning too if possible. Doing a little of the planning consistently will allow you to be able to work out the details of your trip without feeling like it took this huge effort.

For my trip to Peru, I had about 2 months to plan it out. So I tried to spend a little each day working on it and I set aside one day a week for some extra planning.

Taking your time will also reduce the anxiety and stress that can come from trying to do too much too fast.

Use These Tips for Your Next Trip

Planning a trip can be stressful and expensive but if you use these tips, you should be able to reduce both significantly.

If I could plan out an affordable and successful trip to another country using these tips, then you can too.

Once you have determined what you want to save each month for your vacation, then try to enjoy the planning for the trip.

I hope that this post gave you some helpful information on how to save money for vacations and how you can save money on your next vacation.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will answer them  as best as I can.

14 Replies to “How To Save Money For Vacations – 7 Tips”

  1. Thanks for a nice post, Jesse! I like travelling and you have some good and useful tips here.

    I bet most people (including me) forget to pause their gym membership. But that’s actually very easy to do and will save you money for a couple of nice dinners, or something else that you can do on a vacation.

  2. Great tips! I think being frugal is a big key in saving money for a trip. Spend less money now and save it, then you can splurge it and have fun on vacation without worrying about what’s in the bank.

  3. Hi there, I loved this post. It’s very informative. My trip last year involved a lot of planning and I used a lot of these tips. I used to book some of my accommodation. I broke down my savings goals into manageable monthly goals which was a great help. I planned quite a few months in advance as well. The best tip I’ve picked up in terms of saving though is a no-spend month (or whatever period you choose). That definitely boosts saving goals!

    1. I am pleased that you liked this post!
      Breaking down your savings goals into monthly goals can really make the amount you are working towards much more manageable.
      A no-spend month certainly sounds like a great way to save but also challenging to pull off.

  4. Hi Jesse. Your article made it quite clear to me how to get organized before going to vacation. I guess that is because you broke down the content and instructions really well.
    I have gone for vacations maybe two or three times with my sister, but I never really did the organization and preparing stuff, maybe because I couldn’t do it as efficiently as my sister did.
    Thankfully, I got a better picture from your article and now got more confidence.
    Glad I stumbled upon your article. Be healthy and have a nice day.

  5. Excellent ideas! For a really extended vacation, one could pause many bills: cable, garbage, landline, etc. My vacations never lasted more than a week, but if only we would have thought of your ideas! Sometimes frugality arrives too late. If I ever take a vacation in the future I will definitely be putting these ideas to use! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Hi Jesse, I enjoyed your article! We try and save money by preparing our own food, reducing expenses like souvenirs, cutting down on excursions and transportation costs. I have never used but I will definitely check it out next time I book a trip. Thanks for the great tips!

  7. I like the idea of calculating the monthly goal and being frugal. I only have a few months before traveling with my cousins on December. This is going to be useful. Thanks for these tips. 🙂

    1. I am happy that you liked this post!
      Calculating out a monthly goal always makes it easier for me because then the number I am aiming for each month is much more achievable.

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