How to Save Money on Airline Tickets – Tips

Learning the best tips for buying a plane ticket can save you significant money and time.There are a few useful tips to utilize to reduce how much you pay the next time you buy plane tickets.

Use these 11 tips to save on flying:

Buy Your Ticket in Advance

Use the Best Flight Search Engines

Use Incognito or Private Browsing Options

Set up Alerts for Price Changes

Choose a Flight Where Your Destination is the Layover

Fly Budget Carriers

Fly On Tuesday or Wednesday

Don’t Buy Plane Tickets on Weekend

Fly from 5-7am or Later Than 8pm

Pay for Checked Bags Online

Opt Out of In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-Fi

Utilizing these tips will give you a better chance at saving money the next time you fly.

Through this post I hope to show you how to save money on airline tickets by using certain helpful tips.

Buy Your Ticket in Advance

Buying your plane tickets significantly in advance could save you tons of money. Buying a ticket around 6 weeks in advance appears to be the best time to buy your ticket to get a good deal.

If you take the time to start planning your flight plans in advance, then you are likely to save money because you will have the time to find the best deals.

Buying your tickets ahead of time, but not too far ahead of time, will allow you to research the best ways to save money on flying and get you the best deals.

Use the Best Flight Search Engines

Finding the search engines for getting the least inexpensive flights can be enormously helpful for saving money and time.

Familiarize yourself with all the search engines out there for buying a flight. Determine which ones are getting the best deals for savings by reviewing the list below.

Use the following 4 flight search engines to save on your next flight:


  • Finds low prices consistently

Google Flights

  • Quickest at finding you cheap flights

  • Great at finding the cheapest long distance flights


  • Very easy to use

These 4 seem to be the best at finding great deals for your flights with each having a slightly different benefit over the other ones.

I would suggest going with Skyscanner to get the best results for getting great prices. But doing research into some other search engines could be important to make sure you are getting the best deal for flights.

Use Incognito or Private Browsing Options

Opening up a private tab on your browser will possibly keep your flight prices from going up.

If you search a flight information even 3 times over the course of a few days and you aren’t using the Private Browsing mode, then the price will potentially have gone up.

I like to open up a private window on whatever browser I’m using. If you do this, you could keep prices from going up as you search for the same flight information.

You can always try looking up the same results on another computer to see if there is a significant difference in price.

Set Up Alerts for Price Changes

Sometimes the price for flights can change quickly and having alerts set up can allow you to take advantage of an inexpensive flight.

There are many free apps now that can give you a notification when a price decreases for a flight. The Skyscanner app is very consistently good at getting deals, especially if you are traveling to Europe.

While the Google Flights app could give you a better deal if you are traveling within the U.S.

Skyscanner has a very easy to use calendar that lets you visually see when the best time in a month is going to be to travel and buy a ticket. Easy to use and consistently gets great prices for most people traveling.

Hopper is also a good app for finding deals by allowing you to enter all your travel information and finding you the best deal.

It will send a notification every time there is a price increase or decrease as well as predict when the best time to buy a ticket will be.

Choose a Flight Where Your Destination is the Layover

This can be a sneaky trick to get you where you want to go for surprisingly less money and possibly less travel time.

If you wanted to travel to San Francisco, you could pick a flight that flies to Fresno as the final destination but has a layover in San Francisco first.

You would simply get off the plane at the scheduled stop and not continue to the next part of the journey.

This consistently is a cheaper way to fly because much more people are trying to get to San Francisco but not that many are trying to get to Fresno.

This trick is worth looking into and could land you some inexpensive deals but it is still important to do some research into this trick.

Airplane Taking Off
Fly Budget Carriers


Fly Budget Carriers

Flying with a budget carrier could allow you to save a lot of money whether you are traveling far or short distances.

Flying with budget carriers’ means that it will be cheaper but you will also have less leg room and no free food or drink available on the flight.

If you are planning on flying with a budget carrier, I suggest you read 7 Must-Know Facts About Budget Airlines.

This article will give you all the details you need to know about flying with these carriers and provide information about whether this is right for you.

To prevent extra expenses for flying with a budget carrier always watch out for potential fees and read the fine print.

Fly On Tuesday or Wednesday

Flying to your destination, or returning home, on a Tuesday or Wednesday will save you more because fewer people are flying on these days.

The other days of the week are busier and have more people traveling on those days so flights tend to be more expensive.

I always like to travel on these mid week days because the whole flight is a pleasant experience and I seem to almost always arrive on time.

There are less people going through the airport, traveling on each plane and everywhere you go in the airport there seems to be more space and less stress.

Flying on these days could save you money but also allow you to have a much nicer and less stressful flying experience.

Don’t Buy Plane Tickets on the Weekend

If you want to save money, don’t buy your tickets during the weekend because this is when more people are buying tickets.

If you can wait until early in the next week, then you potentially could save money.

When buying the tickets, the return flight will likely be the one where you could save more by not returning on a busy day such as Friday or Saturday.

If you choose to return on a Tuesday as well as depart on a Wednesday, then you could save the most for your flights.

Fly from 5-7am or Later than 8pm

Flying at these early times will consistently get you great savings on plane tickets. It will take some extra will power and key planning to get yourself to the airport early enough for your flight but you will save a great amount.

I have been able to buy tickets domestically or internationally at much cheaper prices because I was leaving very early in the morning. Plan ahead and leave very little to do in the morning besides physically getting yourself to the airport.

Departing for your flight after 8pm will likely give you great red eye savings if you can use some of that time to sleep.

Flying this late generally is best if you are flying for longer flights across a few time zones and are expecting to arrive in the middle of the morning at your destination.

Carry On Bag
Try to Only Use a Carry On Bag or Pay for Checked Bags Online

Pay for Checked Bags Online

Paying for checked bags online at least 48 hours before your flight is going to help potentially save you money. Save up to $25 per checked bag this way because they the airport will likely charge you more for checking your bag in person.

If you can’t get all your belongings into a single carry on bag, then paying for a checked bag will help you from being charged more at the airport.

Opt Out of In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-Fi

Opting out of the In-Flight movie and internet connection will save you money and you most likely were paying too much for this service.

Most of the time people are too tired to get their money worth for paying for these features.

I usually am too tired to realistically watching a movie or use the Wi-Fi.

But you can always plan ahead by downloading music onto your phone to that you can play that music during the flight while your phone is in airport mode.

Bowl of Nuts
Bring Snacks with You


Final Tip = Bring Snacks with You

Bringing your own food will save you from having to buy food in the airport or on the flight and save you money.

Getting into the habit of always bringing your own food will allow you to feel prepared even if there are a few unexpected delays during your flight, which there usually are a few.

I always try to bring food on the plane whether this is snacks or sandwiches.

If you need to only eat certain foods and not eat other foods, then bringing snacks will allow you to have some food that is familiar to you.

If you want to learn more about how to save money, read Frugal Tips for Saving Money.

Utilize These Tips

If you utilize these tips the next time that you are planning a plane trip, you will likely save money on your next flight.

Some of these tips could work better than others for you. Take the time to try each one of these out and this will give you a better idea about which ones will become your go to tips to save on your next flight.

If you liked this post and want to save more on your next vacation, read How To Save Money for Vacations.

I hope that you liked this post and learned some helpful information on how to save money on airline tickets.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

8 Replies to “How to Save Money on Airline Tickets – Tips”

  1. Oh, I love searching and finding cheap airline tickets. That’s so exciting.
    You give some really useful advice. I don’t know if you are aware of another search engine for cheap tickets – I also use and Check them out! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing these great ideas! I didn’t even know about most of them. You can bring your own snacks on a flight? I had no idea. Also, the weekend idea; I didn’t realize there could be a price difference based on days of the week, but it makes sense. I’m going to read more of your articles and see how else I can save on my not-so-lavish lifestyle. 🙂

  3. Excellent tips!! Been using a lot of these exact tips for years and they really do work. My husband and I fly internationally and I have been able to get tickets cheaper than any travel agent – hands down! I do suggest Momondo, as well – they’re great and give another possibility for saving. Really well done!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. You are welcome!
      Sounds like you have a good system for saving money on plane tickets, which can save you a lot if you are flying internationally.
      I am happy that you liked these tips and that you have been using them.

  4. Hi, Jesse. Thanks for sharing.
    I have tried almost all of the above at least once. As a rule of thumb, experts suggesting buying tickets at least 1-1.5 months before flying domestically or 3 months before flying internationally. In my case, I don’t have that much flexibility because of my job, but I always try to look for deals.
    Regarding search engines, I really like Google Flights. It helped me find the best price to fly to Miami last year compared to other sites. I have never tried kiwi. I have read tons of horror stories about it. What’s your experience with it?
    As to using Incognito, what I’ve read is that actually you have to use a VPN to hide you IP. I’ve never tried this though.
    I’ve also tried multi-city flights, but it hasn’t made too much of a difference for me.
    I always try to bring some food with me. Everything at the airport is so expensive!

    Congratulations on your article. I look forward to reading more from you. Keep up the good work.

    1. Sounds like you know how to save money when it comes to buying plane tickets.
      I have used Kiwi a couple times and it was pretty affordable. Kiwi does offer it’s own guarantee to reimburse you for flight delays and connection problems which is great.
      When searching on their website, Kiwi will use multiple airlines to find the cheapest route. This could be extra beneficial when traveling internationally and on flights that require connections because it could help get you connected with the most affordable combination of flights.
      Hope that was helpful information.
      I am happy that you liked this article!

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