How to Save Money on Cell Phone-10 Tips

The phone has become a significant expense for most of us and finding ways to save on this device has become necessary.

Focusing on key tips will give you the best chance to save without limiting yourself.

The top 10 tips to use are the following:

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Research All Cell Phone Carriers to Get The Best Deal

Don’t Buy the Newest Phone

Reduce or Remove Cell Phone Insurance

Change the Address Connected to Your Account

Switch to a Prepaid Carrier

Don’t Pay for Extra Features

Use Automated Payments/Paperless Billing

Keep Your Phone Longer

Take Better Care of Phone

These tips will likely give you a stronger chance at reducing your cell phone bill.

Through this post I will show you useful and practical tips for how to save money on cell phone.

Cell Phone
Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Using Wi-Fi whenever possible will reduce how much data you use and keep you from spending as much on your phone.

When you phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then you can use as much Internet as you want and it won’t increase how much you have to pay.

If you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi and you are using your phone to connect to the Internet, make calls or send text messages, then you could potentially be using significant amounts of your data which could cost you more.

I have had times where I thought it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to use the internet while not being connected to Wi-Fi. But streaming videos is particularly draining for data usage.

It can be a good idea to turn off certain apps on your phone and certain features. This will restrict your phone by not allowing it to use your precious data when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

First you can turn off the Wi-Fi assist feature. Doing this will keep your phone from using your data when your internet connection is particularly weak.

Then you can click the Settings option for your phone to turn off specific apps that could be draining your data. After clicking Settings, click on Cellular.

From here you can scroll down and simply turn off the apps that you don’t want to be using data. By turning certain apps off, such as Netflix, Hulu or Youtube, you could be greatly reducing how much data you use each month.

If you go over your data limit for a certain month, then you will be charged significantly more for the extra data.

If I went over the data limit for each month, I would be charged an additional $15. Practice using these tips to save on your data usage and save yourself from getting charged with extra fees each month.

Research All Cell Phone Carriers to Get The Best Deal

There are many cell phone carriers out there so doing the research to find the one that works best for you will save you money.

Each carrier is going to have different plans with specific features and picking the best one for you could take some time.

Some main carriers include the following:

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. Sprint
  4. T-Mobile
  5. Virgin Mobile

Going to each carrier’s website and comparing what there plans are will give you critical information about which one has the right combination of features for you.

Verizon has been shown to have the best customer service as well as speed for its customers out of all carriers.

T-Mobile has the best unlimited plan and has a great money saving plan for people traveling internationally.

Even if you think that you are getting a good deal with your current phone carrier, taking a look at what other carriers would charge you could tell you that there is a better option out there.

Don’t Buy the Newest Phone

Not buying the newest phone will help you save a significant amount of money. Buying the newest phone will mean you get the latest technological features but it will likely cost you a lot for these features.

Keeping your phone for more than 3 years will guarantee you get your use out of your phone before upgrading to the next generation of phone.

The iPhone 11 is $699 and is supposedly called a bargain compared to previous phones in the same category. This amount is to buy the phone and then you still will have your monthly payment plan which will be at least $55.

A phone is already a significant expense so a big way to reduce how much you spend on your phone is by not buying the latest phone.

If you are interested in learning how to sell your old phone for some money, then read How to Make Money with Craigslist.

Reduce or Remove Cell Phone Insurance

Reducing and possibly removing your cell phone insurance could cut down how much you are currently paying for your phone.

If you have a premium phone insurance plan, then changing this to a basic insurance plan could save you some every month.

If you have an older phone and aren’t that worried about it get damaged, then opting to completely get rid of phone insurance could save you tons per year.

Basic insurance will still protect your phone if it gets stolen, damaged or lost and these are the main concerns for me to have covered.

Review your current cell phone insurance plan to determine if you can save any money by making some key changes to your plan.

Change the Address Connected to Your Account

Changing the address connected to your account could reduce how you are paying for your phone in certain situations.

If you have recently moved to a less expensive area or less expensive state, then updating your address connected to your account could save you big.

This could give you even greater savings if there are multiple people on your plan that make a move to a less expensive area.

You can easily change the address and other important information for your account by logging in and spending 5 minutes updating the information.

Switch to a Prepaid Carrier

Switching to a prepaid carrier will allow you to save money by paying ahead for a specific plan. Reviewing all the main carriers could give you helpful information about which one will give you the best deals.

AT&T has a prepaid plan where it is $2 per day of use and using data will cost 1 cent per 5KB of data.

Virgin Mobile has a plan that gets you 5GB for $35 or 10GB for $45 and includes unlimited texting and talking.

Take the time to review how much you use your phone and whether a pay as you go option could make sense. It will cost less for the pay as you go option if you use your phone sometimes but not all the time and mostly use it for email checking.

But if you are doing any kind of significant video watching and streaming of these videos, then a prepaid plan might not be the best option for you.

Fancy Cell Phone
Don’t Pay for Extra Features That You Aren’t Going to Need

Don’t Pay for Extra Features That You Aren’t Going To Need

Don’t pay for the extra features that you aren’t realistically going to use that much. Having international calling could be a great feature but if you don’t leave the country very much, then it will not be used enough to be worth paying for.

If you don’t make a lot of calls and aren’t talking on the phone very much, then downgrading to a plan that has fewer minutes could save you some money.

You can review your phone features online with your carrier or by looking on your phone at the app for your carrier.

You don’t want to limit yourself by cutting out features that you do use but it is important to review your current plan to determine areas where you can still save without cutting out essential features.

Use Automated Payments/Paperless Billing

Using automated payments could help you get a consistent monthly discount of $5. This may seem small but it can easily be completed if you simply sign up for online billing.

After you make this change online or on the app, then sometime during the next billing cycle you will be charged the slightly reduced rate.

I always take note of when this bill is going to be paid so that I can review by bank account to make sure that the right has been taken out and I have not been overcharged.

Automated payment will save you time and energy by making it easy for you to stay on top of your phone bill and cut down on how much paper mail you get too.

Cell Phone
Keep Your Phone Longer

Keep Your Phone Longer

Keeping your phone longer can help you get more use out of this device and help you get your money’s worth. If your phone still works fine for making calls and doing what you need it to do, then hold on to it for a while longer.

I have an iPhone 6s, which I got over 3 years ago and it still is working with no big problems. I have used my phone a lot and did have to replace the battery for this phone once.

That battery replacement may have cost $120 but that meant that this phone can now last at least 2 years longer and probably more if I take care of it.

That battery replacement cost is actually very inexpensive when comparing to the cost of buying a new phone.

Take Better Care of Phone

Taking better care of your phone is a great way to make this important device last much longer.

Phones have become so needed for many of us and doing little things to take better care of these devices will go a long way towards saving you money.

Pair of Keys
Watch Out For Keys

Things to keep away from your phone include the following:

  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Water
  • Food
  • Pens

I always try to keep my phone all by itself in a pocket and away from anything that can scratch of damage it.

A phone’s screen can so easily be damaged if it falls onto the ground. Once that screen is cracked enough, it is either going to be a big inconvenience to have to put up with it or surprisingly costly to replace it.

Keeping the phone away from any water or open containers of liquid will prevent any accidents from happening.

When it is raining and you are out in the rain, try to keep your phone as concealed from the rain as possible so as to restrict water from coming into contact with the phone.

Buying a heavy duty screen protector can be very beneficial if you are prone to dropping your phone. These cases can be around $18 on Amazon and will offer extra protection.

One thing to note is if you do buy a heavy duty phone protector try to get used to it and if possible try it out before you buy it.

Some screen protectors can feel very different from what you normally had before and it can take a little getting used to.

Review and Update Current Phone Plan

There are many ways to save on your phone bill but if you use the following tips, you should have a great chance at reducing how much you are spending.

I hope this post gave you valuable and useful information about how to save money on cell phone expenses.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

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