How to Save Money on Furniture – Best Tips

Understanding how to find the best deals on furniture is going to save you more than you might think.

Whether you are picking out a new couch, desk, bookcase or bed frame there are tips and resources to use for saving big.

Use the following 5 tips to save on furniture:

Determine What You Really Want

Ask Friends, Family or Coworkers

Account for Delivery Expenses

Buy One Furniture Piece at a Time

Wait for A Sale to Occur then Buy

Use the following 5 resources to save on furniture:

Shop at Thrift Stores

Discount Stores

Garage Sales



If you utilize these tips and resources, you will likely find great furniture for a really affordable price.

Through this post I will provide some helpful tips and resources for how to save money on furniture and how much you can save.

Black couch
Determine What You Really Want

Tips to Use

Determine What You Really Want

Determining what you want by creating a detailed list is going to give you essential information to save more.

Doing the proper research can help you find the items you are looking for and what the full retail price is for them.

Add as many details as possible to your list by trying to include the following:

  • Specific Measurements
  • How Heavy It Is
  • Assembly Required or Not

I like to create a list of what I am looking for along with any specific measurements that I have taken for each furniture item.

Depending on your home space you might have to be very specific in order for this new item to fit. So measuring at home is always a good idea to see how much wiggle room you have.

Determining how heavy the item you want can be very important not just for transporting of the item to your home but also simply moving the item around once you get it in your home.

If the furniture piece that you are looking at is super heavy, take that into account and scope out other easily to move pieces too.

Determine which of the following for the assembly of your item:

  1. Assembled for You
  2. No Assembly Required
  3. Assemble It Yourself

All of these options are going to mean different prices for the item and you must decide which one you want. Depending on how handy you are, having items already assembled could make sense but will likely cost more.

Assembling yourself is almost always the most affordable option so if you really want to save the most money, go for the assembling at home option.

Ask Friends, Family or Coworkers

Asking your friends, family or coworkers if they have any extra furniture or are getting rid of anything is going to potentially save you a lot.

This amount of people you ask will include people from many walks of life and all of these people are likely to be in slightly different place in life.

Sending the message out to all of them is going to get you some response and even if you don’t get any item there are plenty of other resources in this post.

I was able to get a lot of hand me down furniture items from friends and family that are almost brand new.

It never hurts to ask around because people can suddenly need to get rid of furniture for a lot of reasons and you could help take these items off their hands and get a great deal.

There is a good chance that one of these people you that ask is in the process of moving or in the middle of a big change in life and is looking to downsize what they own.

House Being Delivered by Truck
Account for Delivery Expenses

Account for Delivery Expenses

Accounting for the delivery expenses for certain items, especially larger items, can be very important for saving money. Bigger items can cost a lot to ship to your home. It can be a great idea to look into how much it would cost and determine if you could somehow pick it up with a friend’s help.

Major furniture retailers will charge up to $130 to deliver a couch and even if you use a discount service such as Wayfair, it will still cost up to $50 for the delivery of this couch.

This delivery only delivers the item to your home and it will cost extra To Move it up any Stairs, Move it Into a Particular Room or To Assemble it.

The delivery expenses can significantly alter how much you spend on any furniture item. Accurately adding this expense into the equation is going to prepare you for this expense.

Delivering bigger, heavier items by yourself will save you money but it is important to be as ready for that as possible.

I will explain in more detail how to be more prepared for the physical moving of furniture near the end of this post.

Buy One Furniture Piece at a Time

Buying one furniture item at a time will give you time to get used to each new item and figure out the best place for it.

Each item could end up costing more money than what you thought it would. So taking it one step at a time when adding new furniture is going to likely save you money.

I recently got new furniture and added it to my space, but I did so over a one-month period. Taking my time adding new furniture items to my space gave me time to do the proper research for every item and determine whether I needed it or not.

Buying one item at a time can be great if you are buying items that need to be assembled at home too. I had to assemble most of my furniture once I got it home and doing this one item at a time made the whole redecorating of my place much more relaxing.

If you want to save more, be willing to assemble the items at home with no expert help and this will save you tons.

It may take more time this way but it will make it much more satisfying when you finish assembling each item.

Sale Sign
Wait for A Sale to Occur then Buy

Wait for A Sale to Occur then Buy

Waiting for a sale before buying an item is going to help save you more.

There are often sales that occur during certain times of the year, such as Black Friday and the holiday season, and if you can buy your item during one of these bigger discounted times, then you are likely to get a great deal.

If there is no rush for getting these new furniture items, then waiting until a big sale comes along before purchasing the item, could give you plenty of time to get the best deal.

If you want more tips to save money on one of the biggest shopping days, read How To Save Money on Black Friday.

Stack of cash
Resources to Use and Save Money

Resources to Use

Shop at Thrift Stores

Shopping at local thrift stores is going to sometimes help you find a very affordable item that is almost exactly what you wanted.

Thrift stores tend to get a diverse amount of items and there is usually a thrift store in most towns, if not a few.

Taking a look in these hidden gem stores could help you find other items that you have been searching for too. But try to stick to your list of items that you need and don’t impulse buy anything that you don’t need.

Use these stores to help you find a great deal on the item that you have wanted but if you can’t find the item in these stores, then just go to the next resource listed here.

Discount Stores

Shopping at discount stores will allow you to find most furniture items at a very affordable price. There are many discount stores and each will have different prices but all will give you a cheaper deal than going to a traditional retail store.

33% Off
Use Discount Stores to Save Up To 33% From Normal Price


Most of the items that come into these discount stores have some slight defect or scratch but to be honest the difference is so slight that it is well worth paying way less for it.

Some great discount stores from least expensive to most expensive include the following:

  1. GoodWill
  2. Ross
  3. Target
  4. WalMart
  5. Home Depot

I like to use GoodWill for the best deals but this has less dependability due to sometimes there being good stuff and then other times there is very little good stuff.

I would start here to see if you luck out with a great deal because it is entirely possible that you could find a great chair, table, couch, desk, bookshelf or other furniture item for a way cheap price.

After checking out GoodWill, I like to use Ross, which is primarily for clothes but has all kinds of furniture items too. I’ve found all kinds of furniture items here as well as many household items at very inexpensive prices.

Target, WalMart and Home Depot are all good places to check out for furniture items. I have found reasonably priced items in each of these stores, albeit they are not as inexpensive as the first 2 stores listed here.

The benefit of going to Target, WalMart or Home Depot is you are more likely to get what you wanted.

I would check out each store on this list starting from the top to give yourself the best chance of finding the most affordable deal for you.

Yard Sale Sign
Yard or Garage Sale for Some Items

Garage Sales

Searching garage sales could give you a really great deal but it is important to understand that there is much more unpredictability here and you might not find very much.

I have had great success finding great deals on items but only when I kind of stumbled upon these items.

You could find a ton of great stuff at these garage sales but it is important to remind yourself that even though something might be super cheap you should only buy it if you need it.

Checking out garage sales can be a fun way to spend some extra time you have and possibly you will find an affordable item that you have wanted.

But understand that it is more likely that you will find the item that you are searching for going to one of the other resources on this post.


Search Craigslist for a specific deal on the furniture that you are looking for and you could be surprised what you find.

Many people are trying to get rid of furniture and are willing to almost give these pieces away.

It can’t hurt to look at the recent posts for anyone trying to sell furniture because you could be surprised at what comes up.

Take reasonable precautions when contacting people on Craigslist because they are strangers and just make sure that you don’t get yourself into a situation that you are uncomfortable in.

It is important to save money on furniture but it is more important to focus on your own safety first. So when actively searching Craigslist, be a little more cautious when contacting people.

But for the most part you could be very surprised at how nice people can be and how good of a deal you find when searching this resource.

If you are interested in not just saving money on furniture but also making money using Craigslist, then read How To Make Money with Craigslist.

Nice Couch
Use IKEA If Shipping Costs Aren’t Too High



IKEA can be a tremendous resource for finding a high quality and affordable furniture item. This store is a great resource to get relatively inexpensive items but it is important to understand that this store is not conveniently located for a lot of people.

Even for me it takes at least 70 minutes each way to get to this store and that is with no significant traffic.

I have been able to buy bed frames here for very inexpensive as well as other furniture items. A big benefit of using this resource is that you can see a ton of examples of furniture in the store or on the website.

This resource can be utilized easily by searching the website and you can get all kinds of important information from the site.

If there is a great, inexpensive deal, remember to include the delivery charge in the total expense. This delivery expense can be quite substantial if you are getting your furniture delivered far.

IKEA is a tremendous resource for seeing tons of examples at relatively affordable deals. But it is very important to take into account whether you are able to physically get to this store or whether you have to get the item shipped to you.

The difference between picking up or shipping the item could mean a very big difference in how expensive it is.

Budget Sign
Become Extra Prepared

Bonus Tip = Become Extra Prepared

Becoming extra prepared for the physical work required to pick up your item at the store or even move it into your place, is going to keep you from getting injured and probably save you money too.

If you are willing and able to do the physical picking up and delivering of the items, then you will likely save yourself some key money.

Being extra prepared even if you are expecting to be doing the heavy lifting, is still a good idea just in case you are needed or some of your moving supplies are needed.

Whenever I am going furniture shopping or picking up a heavy item, then I bring the following:

  • Gloves
  • Dolly
  • Rope
  • Towels or Blankets

Each one of these items has proven it’s worth many times over during the picking up of heavier furniture items.

If you bring gloves with you, you can keep your hands from getting cut up or dirty. I find myself being able to get a better grip on whatever I am carrying and this makes it easier to carry and less likely to hurt my back.

A dolly is a great investment to protect your body as well as to be able to move heavier items around with much more ease.

I bought a dolly two years ago and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with it and saved my body a bunch of pain.

Rope can be a nice thing to have when moving something because it can help tie down whatever you are transporting and keep it from moving around as much during transport.

Even a relatively short rope could help keep the heavier item from falling out of your vehicle or at the very least will keep the item more confined to one spot.

Towels or blankets can be beneficial as a layer to be in between the heavier item and the surface of whatever vehicle you are using.

If you put a towel under or around the edges of a heavier item, then it is less likely that this item will scuff up your vehicle, especially during transport.

I always bring an extra older towel or blanket that I don’t mind getting torn or scuffed up during the furniture moving because they keep the heavy item from damaging your vehicle or you.

All of these supplies are not essential for physically moving a heavier item, but in my experience they have made it way easier and have actually saved me money.

Using these supplies could make all kinds of tasks easier, not just moving heavy furniture items, but even moving a Christmas tree into your car and out of your house.

Try these supplies out consistently and I believe that you should have a much easier time moving heavier furniture and all kinds of awkward pieces.

Use These Tips to Find the Best Resources

There are a lot of tips and resources listed in this post but even if you only used half of them, then you should be able to save significantly.

Ask around with your friends, family and coworkers before you buy anything. This is because there is a good chance that you can get an item from one of those sources for a fraction of the price of buying the item in the store.

These tips and resources are meant to help you save money and find what you wanted. Use them to help you get what you wanted but don’t let them allow you to buy extra items that you don’t need.

I hope you found some useful information about how to save money on furniture through this post.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

6 Replies to “How to Save Money on Furniture – Best Tips”

  1. Hey Jesse,

    Some great tips here on how to save money on furniture. I’ve always been a fan of waiting for black Friday & other sales personally.

    My girlfriend is less “lazy” than me and she spends a lot more time scouring websites like Craigslist for deals. It’s a definitely a route I’d recommend others take as well, great tips!

  2. very wise advice…a lot of which goes “under the radar” until it is time to face problems, such as how heavy it is, whether it needs assembly, etc. Most people- including me- don’t think these things through! I have made some notes for the future….thanks!

  3. This was so helpful… Especially because it wasn’t too long ago that I realized it was time for me to start buying my own apartment furniture which if anyone doesn’t know this…. it’s expensive!!

    My favorites are hand me downs/ thrifting and deal apps like Offer Up. I’ve had a lot of luck this way and I think it’s even environmentally friendly to re-use furniture!

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. You are welcome!
      Buying furniture can get expensive. Hand me downs is definitely how I have gotten a lot of furniture for my place.
      It certainly is more environmentally friendly to re use furniture.
      If you want to learn more about saving money, read How to Save Money on Coffee.
      I am happy that you found useful information here!

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