How to Save Money on Gas – 7 Useful Tips

As gas prices continue to climb, the need to understand how to save money on gas has become very important.

Determining what the best tips are for saving gas can take some time but here I have listed some of the best ones to use.

Some of the best 7 tips for saving include the following:

Drive Less

Drive Slower and Drive Steadier

Reduce Wind Resistance

Don’t Idly Have Car Turned On

Use GasBuddy

Get Car Checked Out Regularly

Monitor Your Braking

These tips will cut down on your gas and car expenses to save you money.

Through this post I hope to show you helpful information and tips for how to save money on gas.

Drive Less

Best 7 Tips

The following are some of the best tips for saving on your gas expense.

Drive Less

Driving less will allow you to probably save the most amount of money because you will not use as much gas.

Take the time to plan out different ways of transporting yourself around. This will lead to you having much more success at saving money on gas and other expenses.

Ideas to drive less could include any of the following:

  • Take Public Transportation
  • Walk More
  • Bike Ride More
  • Carpool to Work

Finding ideas to drive less while still getting where we need to get to will save you a little at a time.

Take a bus to work, walk to the local grocery store, bike ride to work, or carpooling to school. These are just some ideas in which you could reduce your driving and save money on gas.

Finding an idea to incorporate these ways to drive less will allow you to not only save on gas but all kinds of car expenses.

Car Cruising to Save on Gas
Drive Slower and Drive Steadier

Drive Slower and Drive Steadier

Taking the time to drive slower and steadier will give you a reduction in gas expenses. Driving a more consistent speed will allow you to keep the car moving efficiently and will be able to use less gas as a result.

Accelerating a lot will use up extra gas and trying to drive a more steady speed with more gradual accelerations will save you money.

If a car was traveling 65 mph on cruise control for 30 minutes, it would be at least 10% more efficient with its gas consumption compared to the same car going between 60 and 70 mph for that same 30 minutes.

Driving slower and steadier will also reduce car expenses, which can add up to be significant expenses over time.

Reduce Wind Resistance

Keeping the windows closed will result in keeping your car much more efficient and you’ll save on gas and other car expenses as a result.

The wind can often be a pleasant way of cooling-off but adopting other ways to keep the car cool will allow you to save significantly on gas expenses.

Use a sun shield in your car to keep it cool during the day and this will help keep the plastic in your car from degrading over time.

I like to use a sun shield every day because it keeps the car much cooler. Using the sun shield makes it so easy to get in the car and not feel like I need to roll down the windows right away.

Always take the time to park your car in the shade if possible. This will help keep the car cooler and make it easier for you to not put the windows down when you are driving around.

Don’t Idly Have Car Turned On

Letting your car be turned on is causing you to burn more gas then you could be using.

There are many times during a day when keeping the car engine on seems to be more convenient. But by doing this you could be expending much more gas than if the car is turned off.

According to the California Energy Commission, idling your car is said to burn approximately a half-mile amount of gas per minute.

Newer cars do not need to have the engine warm up for more than about 30 seconds and if you are ever waiting for someone, just turn the car off.

Newer cars do not require that much energy to turn on compared to older vehicles. So keeping the car turned on for 5 minutes while you wait for someone is actually going to cost you more.

An older car might need more time to warm up properly. But you can still practice not letting the car idle as much by turning off the engine.

Use Key Gas Stations
Use GasBuddy

Use GasBuddy

Using GasBuddy is going to give you excellent savings, especially if you are going on a trip through areas you don’t know as well.

This resource can be  helpful if you are about to go into a different state because each state has different gas prices.

If you are about to travel into another state, then try to use this resource because it will help locate the cheapest gas stations in those areas and save you a bundle.

When you visit the GasBuddy website or app, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Your starting location
  • Destination
  • All the details of your car(Make, Year, Model)
  • Type of gas your car requires

Once you enter this information, the GasBuddy calculator will come up with exactly how much your trip will cost for gas. It will show you where you can stop along your route to save the most.

I like to use this resource to plan out any big trips or my weekly shopping trip because it always finds the cheapest option for gas along the way.

I like using the app version too because it is great for when you are out and wanting to quickly find an affordable deal.

If you want to learn more about this resource, read about them in my recent post How To Save Money on a Road Trip.

Blue Car with Hood Open
Get Car Checked Out Regularly

Get Car Checked Out Regularly

Take the time to get your car checked out regularly because this could help you save more money on gas. Getting the car checked out will also keep other car expenses from surprising you when your on the road.

It may seem like you are spending more money by getting the car checked out.

But by doing this you could potentially be saving much more money by keeping your car efficient when you are driving and by keeping other sneaky car expenses from piling up.

If you get your car checked out regularly, then you are likely going to be able to  stay ahead of certain car expenses, including tires, brake pads and other expenses. You can get your car running efficiently which will save you on gas.

Also you will be able to replace your tires before you suddenly get a flat tire on the road. You will keep yourself from incurring other sudden expenses from becoming a much bigger problem.

If you want to read more about saving money on car expenses, read How To Save Money on Car Maintenance.

Monitor Your Braking

Monitoring how much you are braking and giving yourself extra space is going to save your brakes from being used as much and end up saving you on gas too.

Practice cruising into a congested intersection by taking your foot off the gas pedal.  Gradually using the brakes will keep the brake pads from wearing down as quickly and keep you from using more gas.

I like to keep an eye on the cars ahead of me and give them plenty of space so that I can have extra time to brake just the right amount.

If you are prone to driving close to the vehicle ahead of you, you might want to start allowing extra space between you and them. By doing this you will not use your brakes as much and save on gas.

Other Ways to Save More

There following are other tips to save money on gas that can be easily used in your life.

Pick Certain Times of Week to Buy Gas

Picking certain times of the week to buy gas because the price of gas usually goes up later in the week. Getting gas on Monday or Tuesday could save you a little money.

White Car
Buy A Hybrid Car

Research a Hybrid Car

Researching hybrid cars and determining if this is worth it to you could save a ton, especially if you drive a lot.

If you are about to buy a new car and are searching for a car, then definitely do some research and ask around about any hybrid cars because it could end up saving you tons.

Consider buying a more fuel efficient car especially as gas costs will definitely go up significantly over the next few years.

Do Your Car Maintenance More

Finding time in your routine to perform basic car maintenance is going to give a chance to save more money.

Checking your tire pressure and filling the tires up regularly will help keep your car driving efficiently and not burning as much gas.

Keeping your car motor oil at the proper level is going to help the car running smoothly, but just make sure you are using the right motor oil.

Refer to your car manual about which one your vehicle needs and then practice checking your oil regularly.

Don’t Use AC as much

Don’t Use AC as Much

Using the air conditioning in your car can be very nice, especially if it is hot, but it is going to use some of your gas. Reducing how much you use the AC is going to save you some and keep your car running a little more efficiently.

I always like to crack the window a little and if possible find some shade to park my car under to keep it cooler.

Continue to find and use new ideas for saving money on gas expenses. You are likely to come up with ways of saving money not just on gas but also on significant car expenses.

Find the Right Combination of Cost Saving Techniques

Using all of these tips is likely going to allow you to save the most money and keep you from paying more down the road.

But find the right combination of cost saving techniques without making your life unbearably uncomfortable.

Yes, not using the AC and keeping your windows rolled up all the time will save you on gas. But if it is 100 degrees outside, then probably that is going to make you miserable being in the car.

Try out some or all of these tips to find the ones that help you save while not majorly getting in the way of your current life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some helpful and practical information on how to save money on gas.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

10 Replies to “How to Save Money on Gas – 7 Useful Tips”

  1. Great tips! Unfortunately gas prices are very high these days, especially in my country.
    I will definitely use some of these important tips, since they really can save a lot of gas and money.

  2. Thanks for writing this! It’s good for me to read because I’m guilty of some gas-wasting things (driving fast and not steady, using AC even when it’s cool, driving right across the street to places I could have easily walked to, etc.) I just found and bookmarked GasBuddy, too!

  3. hey, great read, all good tips. I am bad for speeding and passing (which uses a lot of gas lol). i do use the gas buddy app, especially if i go an a long road trip to check the prices in the towns along the way. By the way is it true that vehicles are worse on gas in the colder months?

    1. Yes, vehicles have a worse fuel economy in the colder months due to the car having to work harder to maintain an optimal fuel using temperature. A car will be significantly worse on gas during short drives because the car will spend most of that trip trying to reach the most optimal fuel using temperature and the cold weather will slow this down a lot.
      I am happy to hear that you found the information in this post useful!

  4. These are some great tips for saving money! Driving is a huge cost that most people don’t realize can be cut back by changing some very simple habits. I absolutely love the Gas Buddy app, it has saved me so much money!

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