How to Save Money on Hotels – 8 Best Tips

Staying in hotels can be quite expensive but if you use the right tips, then you can reduce this expense significantly. The best tips can be trickier to find but I have listed some better ones here.

Traveling and staying in hotels can make for great experiences but they can also be expensive. Utilize the right tips to help reduce how much you pay for these hotels and how much stress you have too.

The 8 best tips include:

Create A Budget and Stick to It

Bundle Hotel with Other Traveling Expenses

Use Booking

Make Own Breakfast

Time Your Hotel Stay for Weekdays

Consider Alternative Lodging to Hotels

Find Out Exactly What is Included

Be Flexible With Your Planning

These tips should help you reduce the hotel bill the next time you have to stay in a hotel.

Through this post I will show you helpful information and valuable tips for how to save money on hotels.

Create A Budget and Stick to It

Create a budget and stick to it because this will save you tons of money. A budget will help you know exactly how much you are willing to spend and focus on not going over that amount.

Sticking to a budget is challenging but the more you practice staying within your allotted amount for that expense, the better you will get at saving money. The budget for the trip could include the hotel expense and then whatever other expenses you have to pay for the trip.

The key is to take your time and try to prepare for all the expenses you think will be expected on the trip.

Bundle Hotel with Other Traveling Expenses

Bundle the hotel expense with another big expense to save on your lodging and other expenses. This can be particularly worth doing if you are renting a car or flying to this hotel. Bundling a hotel and flight to that hotel can help lower the expense nicely.

Hotel + Car Rental or Hotel + Flight = Bundling Deals

This is possible because the hotel and the airplane company are both going to make money from you book both of their services together. You can visit certain websites such as Booking to help find a way to easily bundle your flight and hotel, car rental and hotel expenses.

Booking is one of many sites that specialize in bundling travel expenses together to save customers money.

Use Booking

Use the best resources to find the key deals for saving on hotels and other lodging related costs. One of the best resources for saving money for lodging and traveling expenses is

Booking is a website that specializes in finding the best deal for people traveling. I have had tremendous success using this resource and saved a solid amount of money. I use this website for all kinds of traveling tips and the best deals for wherever I am traveling.

It is one of the best known resources for saving money on lodging, car rentals, flights and traveling expenses. If you are interested in saving money with Booking, read Review of

Make Own Breakfast

Making your own breakfast is going to reduce your hotel cost because you will not have to buy the hotel packages with a breakfast included. Sometimes the hotel breakfast packages are decent food but most of the time they are something simple that you could have made yourself with little hassle.

Keeping it simple and having instant oatmeal could be easy to create for breakfast. I even used instant coffee for a recent trip to Peru that and that was a life saver. The more food you create yourself the more you are likely to save.

Food is one of the most changeable expenses, especially on a trip when you are in unknown territory. Being a little prepared here with some food will go a long way for keeping your lodging expenses down.

Time Your Hotel Stay for Weekdays

Staying in a hotel on a weekday is going to likely save you money because the weekends are when hotels mark up their prices. The weekends are almost always going to be when the higher expenses are going to occur.

If possible, try to not stay in a hotel on the weekend. Sometimes this can greatly change the price you are being charged and can make your stay more enjoyable. Whether you are staying in a hotel, flying or renting a car for these days, the price for weekend reservations is going to be higher than weekdays.

Tent Camping
Consider Alternative Lodging to Hotels

Consider Alternative Lodging to Hotels

Consider alternative lodging instead of hotels because this could help you discover a true gem. Staying a hotel can be convenient but there are many options for lodging that could be much cheaper and more enjoyable.

Camping, hostels and AirBnbs could offer more memorable experiences compared to staying in a hotel. Hotels can be luxurious but alternative lodging can give you truly adventurous memories and save you more money.

Camping can be quite affordable and there are usually a plethora of options for most areas. This kind of lodging usually requires planning ahead some but could be great for adding a different kind of adventure to your trip.

Staying in hostels can be affordable and help you meet all kinds of interesting people. There are hostels in most areas and these are about half the price of hotels. The rates can increase if you start requesting more private rooms but you will save the most being in the group bunking area.

I have had tons of enjoyable memories staying in alternative lodging and it depends on how much of an adventure you want your lodging to involve.

Find Out Exactly What is Included

Finding out exactly what is included in your hotel lodging because this can vary a lot. The total amenities involved could include many items that could explain why it the bill is more expensive.

Some amenities included could be protected parking spot, free Wi-Fi, breakfast included or television service. Some of these items you might not use or you could need a place to stay the night and that is it.

Doing the research and determining exactly what amenities are included with your reservation is key for paying for what you are going to use. Read the fine print for what you are paying for and you will find yourself paying less and getting better deals.

Be Flexible With Your Planning

Be flexible with your planning because this could help you save more. One way that people end up paying more for hotel stays is because they force themselves to only travel during a certain weekend or day.

The more flexible you make your trip the much more likely you will be to save money. For any trip I now try to be as prepared as possible but also be as flexible as possible.

Being flexible and prepared helps me be ready for the details of the trip. But it also helps me be ready to adapt to unforeseeable obstacles.

Doing this will likely help you have more fun planning the hotel stay and keep you from spending extra money.

Book Smarter and Save Better

Book your future hotel reservations smarter and save better using these tips. The more you practice using smart, money saving travel tips, the more you will save over the long run.

I hope that you liked this post and learned useful tips for how to save money on hotels.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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