How to Save Money on Internet – 10 Tips

As the cost for internet access at home continues to rise significantly, there is a real need to know how to get the most affordable internet rate.

There are a few key tips that are going to help you save on internet.

Here are the 10 tips that I used to save including:

Bundle Internet with Cable

Check if You Qualify for A Government Subsidy

Research Other Internet Providers

Buy Your Own Router

Check Your Internet Speed

Downgrade Current Plan

Switch Providers to Get Great Sign Up Rates

Check Out the Public Library

Use Old School Dial Up

Hire A Third-Party Negotiator for Your Bill

Utilize these tips in order to get yourself the best deal possible for your internet.

Through this post I hope to give out helpful information on how to save money on internet by using certain tips.

Bundle Internet with Cable

Bundle Internet with Cable

Having Internet and cable through different providers is going to cost you more. Bundling these 2 services together is going to save you money on both and definitely makes sense if you are going to have both of these services in your budget.

When contacting your internet provider, beware of any up selling that they try to do to you about any extra features.

Do some research before your contact with your provider to determine what kind of deal you could achieve by bundling these 2 services.

Each provider will be a little different but you should be able to check their website and get free estimates of what it should cost you.

If you are looking for other helpful tips to save money on your cable bill, read How To Save Money on the Cable Bill.

Check if You Qualify for A Government Subsidy

Checking if you qualify for a government subsidy could land you with some extra savings and is possible if you meet certain criteria.

The biggest hurdle is if you make less than $35,000, than you could have a chance at getting a reduction in your internet bill.

There are a few criteria for getting a government subsidy including:

  • How much you make, under $35,000 gross income
  • Live in Public Housing
  • Involved in Helping Needy Families Program
  • Are part of the National School Lunch Program including free and reduced lunch at school

You can look on to find out which low cost internet providers are in your area. EveryoneOn is a nonprofit that is focused on getting people from all economic backgrounds connected to the internet.

If you do qualify through this kind of program, you could end up paying $10 per month for internet service.

There are a few specific criteria to qualify for a government subsidy but you could end up saving a lot if you qualify.

Research Other Internet Providers

Researching what other providers in your area are charging for what you want could help you find out if you can get a reduced price for your internet.

Reviewing your current plan and comparing what other providers are charging  for that same plan, will potentially show where you can save.

The most affordable internet providers include the following:

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. Frontier
  4. XFinity

Check these companies’ websites to get free quotes about the prices for their internet options. Most providers let you know what the price is for their plans on their websites and you can quickly compare what the best deals are for the internet that you need.

AT&T is likely to provide you with the least expensive option for high speed internet but it never hurts to shop around some.

Searching to determine what is available in your area could be critical to understanding if there is a more affordable internet provider around.

Prices can vary greatly for internet service between certain areas, such as if you leave in a sparsely populated area or a big city.

Router for Internet Access
Buy Your Own Router

Buy Your Own Router

Most people are renting the router that they are using and this could end up costing you more in the long run. If you decide to buy your own router, you could start saving more each month.

It will cost about $50-$60 to buy a quality router and the renting fee is $6-$11 a month for a router so after a few months you will start to save consistently.

Buying a router is an investment but it will definitely start to save you money down the road. If you plan on needing a certain internet speed, then investing in your own router will end up saving you money.

Check Your Internet Speed

Check Your Internet Speed

Checking your internet speed could be helpful because if you are receiving significantly less than what you have paid for then you could qualify for a discount. There is a website you can go to check your internet speed for free.

Try out SpeedSmart to test out your internet speed for free. Using this website will allow you to check your speed without giving away any important details about yourself.

If your internet speed is significantly slower than what you have paid for, then you should be able to contact your internet provider and negotiate for a reduced price.

Sometimes an internet speed can slow down for a lot of reasons but it is important to check your internet speed over the course of a few days.

If your internet speed appears to be significantly slower than what you have paid for during those few days, then contacting your internet provider could give you a discount.

Downgrade Current Plan

Reviewing and downgrading your current plan will save you money. Many people pay for a high internet speed that they do not actually need because they do not need to stream very many videos.

Understanding which Mbps, millibytes per second, speed you need is going to help you from overpaying for your internet speed.

This is because many people pay for an internet speed that they do not need because they are not gaming or streaming enough video to need such high speeds of internet.

For a Single Device the following is what is recommended for internet to work:

  • A speed of 1Mbps is best for checking emails and searching the web.
  • Streaming Music only requires 0.5 Mbps.
  • Streaming Videos need 3 Mbps for standard definition and 5 Mbps for High Definition.

Looking at what you use internet primarily for will tell you whether you can change your current plan to be more affordable.

If you are not streaming many videos, then you probably don’t need to have a particularly fast internet speed and could opt for something slower and cheaper.

Having a slightly too fast internet is better than having a slightly too slow internet so take the time to choose which internet plan makes sense for you.

Switch Providers to Get Great Sign Up Rates

Changing your internet provider could give you specific sign up bonuses for 6 months to the 1st year of service. It is important to read the fine print of your agreement to understand how long you will get a discount so that you can be prepared for it.

There can be great sign up bonuses, especially around Black Friday and other shopping holidays. Taking advantage of these sign up bonuses could allow you to save money and if you are willing to do this on a semi regular basis, then you could potentially save every time you sign up for a new internet service provider.

Just remember to look at when the sign up rates will end and turn into a more expensive rate.

Library for Internet Access
Check Out the Public Library

Check Out the Public library

Using the public library could give you free internet for a couple hours a day and save you money. There is a slight inconvenience factor getting to and from the library and you only get a couple hours of computer access a day but it is all free which is hard to argue against.

I have used the public libraries in my area as a resource many times and it has helped a lot.

This resource is often times underutilized because there are many services here that are either free or very cheap.

These other services include:

  • Printing and photocopying items for free
  • Using the internet
  • Loaning out books or movies

The public library might be a little of an inconvenience but it could not only save you money for your internet bill but also give you access to all kinds of helpful resources and services.

Use Old School Dial Up

Using old school dial up internet could give you a very affordable internet, albeit slow internet connection. The internet speed will be slow but the cost could be as low as $10 per month which is very affordable.

If you are not streaming very many movies, shows or videos, then this could be a great and inexpensive option.

Hire A Third-Party Negotiator for Your Bill

There are companies out there that specialize in reducing bills and getting connected to the right ones can get you big savings.

Trying out the following companies could be useful:

All 3 of these companies are highly ranked for reducing bills with each having slightly different benefits over the other.

Truebill was founded in 2015 is dedicated to making it easy for people to take control of their finances and they focus on more than the internet bill. They provide service for reducing the following:

  1. Unwanted Subscriptions
  2. Lowering Bills
  3. Get Refunds

They are interested in saving people money and will charge you 40% of what they can save you. So if you are to have $120 reduced from your bills, then they would be paid $52.

You can download their app so that you can more easily get in contact with them when a problem comes up in the future.

Truebill appears to make it easy to get your finances connected with this resource so that they can start working on reducing many extra expenses you have.

In the app it will keep track of all your expenses which can be helpful for seeing where the bulk of your money is going each month.

Billfixers was founded in 2014 and is another great resource for reducing your bills and other household expenses.

They will charge you 50% for the first 12 months once they are hired. So if they are able to save you $200 for this next year, then they will charge you $100 for there services.

You sign up an account with them for free and then you send them your bills that you would like to be reduced. Billfixers has a knowledgeable staff that is consistently updating how much they can save you.

Using a third-party negotiator can help you have someone else deal with reducing the price for certain bills you have.

I know that I do not really like to make these calls and actually find it kind of stressful.

So I like the idea of using these negotiators because they will potentially save you money and then you simply pay them some of that savings. I would rather take half savings for this kind of service.

Not having to deal with a particularly stressful phone call and instead being able to use that time to do other important tasks can be a great trade off for me.

2 pennies
My Two Cents

My Two Cents

Use these tips to find the lowest internet rate as possible that is what you need.

Some of these tips might be a little too extreme but utilizing these tips will reduce your internet expense and save you money.

Do some effective research and determine if you are getting a good deal, or if then is a better option for you in your area.

I hope that you liked this post and learned some helpful tips for how to save on internet.

If you have a question, leave it below and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

4 Replies to “How to Save Money on Internet – 10 Tips”

  1. These are interesting ideas as long as we pay attention. You do warn us of things like, if I switch providers I may get a good deal but be aware when the deal runs out it could be more expensive. Plus, dial-up is something a lot of people may never have heard of!

    1. Reading the fine print about when the inexpensive sign up rate will expire is key.
      Dial up is something that many people don’t realize is out there and can work if you are not streaming many videos.
      I am happy that you discovered some helpful information here!

  2. These are all just great tips.

    The ones I have personally done are number 3: Researching, number 4: buying my own router, and number 7: switching providers for a sign-up deal.

    I didn’t know anything about the government subsidy, however, I do not qualify. But still, good information to know!

    It is also a good thought to downgrade your current plan. I paid for cable as well as WiFi for a few years and realized I was streaming almost everything I was watching anyway and was able to cut my cable off and save myself money.

    I am interested in checking the speed of my internet and requesting a reduced price. This seems pretty reasonable! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sounds like you have used these tips to save you a lot already!
      The internet speed that you are receiving could be significantly less than what you paid for and you could ask for a reduced price.
      I am happy that you liked these tips and have already found a way to use some of them!

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