How to Save Money on Laundry – 10 Key Tips

There are many ways to save on laundry but I will focus on the best ones to utilize.

Finding ways to save a little here and there will end up giving you a significant amount over the long haul.

Here are the 10 key tips that I like to use including:

Use Wool Dryer Balls for Reducing Drying Time

Wear Clothes More than Once

Use Cold Water for Loads

Buy Generic Laundry Detergent

Use Less Detergent

Wash Only Full Loads not Part Way Filled

Dry Clothes Outside

Don’t Iron Clothes as Much

Use an Energy Star-certified dryer

Remove Lint from Lint Trap and Clean Vents

Using these tips will give you a better chance at saving money by giving you information about how to spend less on laundry.

Through this post I will provide some key tips for how to save money on laundry.

Clothes Hanging
Use Wool Dryer Balls for Reducing Drying Time


Use Wool Dryer Balls for Reducing Drying Time

Use wool dryer balls to cut down on the length of time that you dry your clothes in the dryer. These balls are great for cutting down on your dryer expense and have many other benefits.

The key benefits include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Last for Many Loads
  • Inexpensive to Buy
  • Eco-friendly

These balls are simply thrown into a laundry load and then throughout the load they will break apart the wet laundry as it tries to cling together.

The weight of the balls gently roll around and keep the clothing items from clinging to one another.

The balls are very inexpensive, around $8 for 6, and they will last for up to 1,000 dryer loads. You will be able to see if the balls are starting to wear out when they start to look like they are physically falling apart.

Wool dryer balls are eco-friendly compared to other plastic dryer sheets that are normally used for drying clothes. The balls will help cut down on wrinkling too which can keep you from ironing as much stuff too.

Dressy Shirt and Blue Tie
Wear Nicer Clothes More Than Once

Wear Clothes More than Once

Wearing certain clothes more than once is going to help you not have to wash as many clothes. Wearing jackets, jeans and any kind of layer that isn’t getting dirty or sweaty is likely able to be wore multiple times before needing to be washed.

If the clothes are dirty, then wash them but try to focus on not washing clothes until they are dirty.

Use Cold Water for Loads

Using cold water for some loads is going to clean your clothes without using as much energy because it takes much more energy to use hot water.

Cold water can still get most of your clothes clean to almost the same level of cleanliness as using hot water and will not cost as much.

If your clothes are greasy or very dirty, then using hot water should be the best option to clean these clothes. The savings you get from doing this may be small but it will help you save consistently.

Buy Generic Laundry Detergent

Buying generic laundry detergent will keep you from spending as much and you will still keep your clothes clean.

The main name brand are usually the most expensive and will not likely clean your clothes any better than using the less expensive options.

I always buy the generic laundry detergent because it works really well and is less costly. You can buy generic detergent, bleach and any other laundry cleanly ingredients to save more.

Applying Detergent to Load of Laundry
Use Less Detergent for Each Load

Use Less Detergent

Using less detergent will save you money and still clean your clothes just as well. Detergents are pretty concentrated and using less is likely going to help you spend less on detergent by keeping you from using as much for each load.

I started using less detergent in my loads a few years back and immediately noticed that there was no significant difference between using more detergent compared to a slightly lesser amount.

Experiment with around 3/4 the recommended amount for detergent and see how much of a difference you see.

If you want to save more, then try using only half the recommended amount to keep your clothes lasting longer.

Wash Only Full Loads not Part Way Filled

Washing a full load versus a half-way filled load will use about the same amount of energy so it makes sense to only wash full loads.

Unless you are cleaning something delicate that can’t go with other heavier items, then focus on using full washing loads.

I try to wash my clothes only once there is enough for a full load and I have been able to cut down on how much water and energy is used to clean my laundry.

If you are interested in learning how to save on water, then read How To Save Money on Water Bill – 12 Tips.

Clothespins on Line
Dry Clothes Outside

Dry Clothes Outside

Drying clothes outside or in a hotter room is going to help cut down on how your drier is costing you.

After I wash a load of laundry, I always take out the heavy items, such as a sweatshirt or cotton shirts, and put those items on a hanger outside or in a hot room.

Doing this helps air out these items and gets them dry at the same. It may take longer to dry items this way, but it will cut down on how much you spend drying your clothes and your clothes will last longer.

Don’t Iron Clothes as Much

Don’t Iron Clothes as Much

Don’t iron clothes but instead put your clothes out that you want to wear the next day in a way so that they don’t need to be ironed. This will save you from having to spend energy ironing certain clothes.

I always like to hang up what clothes I am going to wear the next day so that I don’t have to worry about making these clothes look presentable.

Just plan ahead some by hanging up the clothes you want to wear and you will reduce how much you spend ironing.

Pulling out the clothes from the dryer once the clothes are dry and hanging them up right away will provide the best results for making your clothes look the best.

Use an Energy Star-certified dryer

Using an ENERGY STAR certified dryer will use less energy to wash or dry a load and cost you less. These machines can be worth investing in if you currently do a lot of laundry and will end up saving you money in the long run.

These machines are usually 20-25% more efficient per load than a normal washer or dryer.

Remove Lint from Lint Trap and Clean Vents

Removing lint from the trap will help keep the dryer efficiently working and will reduce the chance of a fire starting in the lint trap.

Make removing the lint from the trap a part of your routine and you should reduce how hard your dryer has to work to dry your clothes.

Cleaning the lint trap as well as removing anything that is blocking the dryer vent will reduce how much energy is wasted.

The dryer vent leading to outside should be checked out and cleared regularly to make sure there is no major obstacles there.

I always check the lint trap as well as check out the dryer before putting my clothes in there to make sure there is not loose change, small trash or anything that could slow down the drying speed or potentially damage my clothes or the dryer.

1.5 dollars on Laundry Machine
Wash and Dry Less If Possible

Wash and Dry Less If Possible

Washing and drying your clothes is a chore that everyone has to do.

But there are ways to do it less and by not washing and drying your clothes as much there will be great benefits.

Washing and drying clothes takes a toll on each item and over time that clothing item will slowly wear out.

Especially if you have valuable clothing, cutting down on how much you wash and dry these items will save you from having to replace these clothes down the road.

So cutting down how much you wash and dry your clothes will save you from spending as much on your energy bill, including water, electricity or gas, but it will also keep your clothes lasting much longer.

Clothes can be a significant expense especially if they have to be replaced often, so finding ways to reduce your laundry cleaning and drying expense could save you much more than you might initially think.

These tips are some more helpful ones out there and if you use them consistently, then you will save consistently.

I hope that you liked this post and found some useful tips for how to save money on laundry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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