How to Save Money on Movies – 8 Main Tips

Going to the movie theater can be a fun activity that can become surprisingly expensive. The best tips can help you not spend as much and still enjoy this activity. I have always enjoyed going to the movie theater because it can offer an escape from reality that sometimes is the perfect distraction.

I learned very quickly to use certain tips so as to not spend tons of extra money on this activity. I needed to be crafty with how I spent my money at the movie theater.

Utilize these 8 tips including:

Go to Matinee Showing

Eat Food Before Movie

Don’t Watch in 3D or IMAX

Sign Up For Movie Theater Newsletters

Become Part of Loyalty Program

Search for Special Discounts

Consider Alternative Movie Watching Experiences

Shop at Costco for Gift Cards to Movie Theater

Using these tips will help you save money consistently and be able to enjoy this going to the movie theater and watching movies more.

Through this post I will show you useful and practical tips for how to save money on movies.

Go to Matinee Showing

Going to the matinee showing is going to guarantee that you spend less on tickets. A matinee is a showing that starts before 6pm and is worth going to for a couple of reasons.

Going to this early in the day showing is less money and usually results in a better experience too. These early showings have more space in the theaters which can be more enjoyable for me because then I can get a seat that is the right one for me.

These matinee showings are earlier in the day and always a few dollars less than the normal evening showings.

Eat Food Before Movie

Eating food before the movie can help you not spend extra money on snacks at the theater. The snacks at the theater are notoriously expensive, almost as expensive as airport food.

You can always get water for the movie for free and you will save more if you eat food beforehand. The less hungry you are before going into the movie the more likely you will be to not spend extra.

3D Glasses
Don’t Watch in 3D or IMAX

Don’t Watch in 3D or IMAX

Watching movies in 3D or IMAX theaters can increase the viewing experience but it can be much more expensive. In my opinion, watching the movies in 3D doesn’t make the movie experience that much better.

The ticket price is a few dollars more and it is kind of hassle for wearing the glasses during the showing. You can decide for yourself whether the 3D experience is worth paying more for but usually it doesn’t feel worth it.

For some movies with tons of special effects it could be worth watching it in 3D but even then it is judgment call.

Sign Up For Movie Theater Newsletters

Signing up for movie theater newsletters and social media pages can help you learn about special deals that they are having. It can also get you discounts consistently on ticket prices and provide you with an easy way to save without much hassle.

These newsletters and social media pages can alert you to discount days and discount movie showings.

Become Part of Loyalty Program

Become part of a loyalty program with the movie theater because this will help you get access to discounted movie tickets or snacks at the theater. You usually get points for spending money with your loyalty card and usually they require you to give them your phone number to verify your loyalty program account.

Signing up for a loyalty program is free most of the time and will allow you to rack up points that can save you money.

Ask for Special Discounts

The theaters usually offer special discounts to different kinds of people. It is never going to make the ticket prices more expensive and could land you a 10% or more discount just for asking.

These people include the following people:

  • Students
  • Military
  • AAA members
  • Seniors

Not all theaters will accept these people for discounts but it is always worth asking about. I tried to use my student discount as long as I could because it was nice to be able to save in many places.

I definitely have had a student ID card get 10% off of the ticket price. If you are one of the people above, then ask for a discount. The worst case is that you will not be able to get a discount and it will not cost you anything to ask.

DVD player
Consider Alternative Movie Watching Experiences

Consider Alternative Movie Watching Experiences

Consider alternative movie watching experiences because they will be much cheaper. These alternative movie watching experiences could include any streaming channels, renting DVDs or checking out DVDs for free at library.

There are so many streaming channels available nowadays and many movies and shows available. Watching movies in this way could help you reduce how much you spend on the movie theater tickets and be surprisingly enjoyable.

I have always liked watching movies and find that it is great for unwinding from a long day. It can be vastly cheaper to watch movies not at the movie theater. If you are an avid movie watcher, then take the time to come up with other movie watching activities.

Taking the time to watch movies through one of these alternative movie watching experiences is going to save you tons in the long run.

Shop at Costco for Gift Cards to Movie Theater

Shopping at Costco can save you money on all kinds of purchases but did you know that you can also buy gift cards for movie theaters too. Buying gift cards in bulk packages can land you extra savings, even as much as 25% off the total price.

Shopping in bulk at Costco is going to save you lots in the long run. You can buy up to $100 worth of gift cards to a local movie theater or Fandango, an online movie buying website.

Watch Movies Smarter and Save Tons More

Watching movies can be fun and great for relaxing and much cheaper if you use these tips in this post. The more you practice using these tips the more you will save on this fun and enjoyable activity.

Watching movies should be a fun and not expensive experience. The tips here can give you a chance to make the movie watching experience a much cheaper and enjoyable expense in your budget.

I hope that you liked this post and learned useful information and tips for how to save money on movies.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

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