How to Save Money on Traveling-11 Key Tips

It is important to set yourself up as good as you can for your trip and one way to do that is to start budgeting much more for your trip.

I will explain how budgeting effectively can help prepare you for your trip and save a ton for all your potential expenses on this trip.

There are also key tips to use that will keep your traveling expenses from becoming too significant.

The 11 tips to use while traveling include:

Budgeting Effectively

Book Places with Kitchens

Bring Snacks and Drinks for Outings

Search for Free or Inexpensive Activities

Travel in Off Season

Build a Budget and Stick With It

Be Flexible When Traveling

Pack light to avoid Checking Bags

Walk more Instead of Using Cab or Car

Avoid Costly Airport Cabs

Use a Credit Card that Doesn’t Use International Fees

These tips can cut down on how much you spend while on the trip and budgeting better will set you up before the trip.

Using these tips and cutting down on your expenses will set you up really well for an inexpensive and enjoyable trip.

Through this post I hope to show helpful tips on how to save money on traveling.

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Budgeting Effectively for Trips

Budgeting Effectively

There are many ways to save money for your upcoming trip but I like to focus most of my energy on cutting down on expenses.

Many people can cut down on their expenses significantly by taking a closer look at each one and determining whether they really need to be spending as much money on that expense.

The main areas to focus on for budgeting include the following:

Cut Down on All Expenses

Create A Specific Amount that you Want to Save for Your Trip

Plan Out Your Trip’s Financial Details

Cutting down on all expenses will give you a lot of room for potential savings because there will be so many options for reducing those expenses.

Each expense should be looked at to determine whether this is a way to reduce it even a little.

I like to focus on the most changeable expenses first because these can have the most room for changing.

The main expenses that can fall into this category are the following:

  1. Food
  2. Car Expenses
  3. Coffee
  4. Miscellaneous Purchases

Focusing on cutting down your food expense could help you save significantly because many people spend more going out to eat then they really need to.

Making more meals at home by picking out easy to make food is going to help keep you from spending as much on going out to eat which can add quickly.

But if you still do go out to eat at restaurants, find ways to cut down on costs there too. This could be as simple as drinking water instead of another drink or sharing a big dish with someone else.

If you want to read more about saving at a restaurant, then read How to Save Money at a Restaurant.

Another area to potentially save money is decreasing your car expenses which can sometimes be quite more than one might think.

These car expenses could include any of the following:

  • Car Insurance
  • Gas
  • Car Maintenance

Each of these areas could have room for improvement by cutting down on how much you are spending.

Taking a closer look at each of these areas could help you find ways to save on each. Easy ways to cut down on the car expenses is to drive less in the time leading up to your trip.

Finding a way to drive less could involve walking, riding a bike or carpooling more. Driving less by doing these activities will save you money by cutting down on all car expenses.

Driving less and getting more exercise will get you into better shape which could be great for your trip because you could cover more ground and do more on your trip.

Coffee is another expense that can be quite substantial in our budgets and could have room for reducing this expense. The best way to reduce the cost of coffee is to make coffee at home and do this consistently.

Miscellaneous expenses is an area in many people’s budget that has ballooned up because of smaller or middle-sized expenses going unnoticed.

These expenses could be any expense such as going to the movie theater, unused subscription, unused gym membership and all of these could be reduced or cut out entirely.

Finding a way to watch movies at home by using streaming services more or cutting out unused subscriptions will cut down on how much you are spending on these extra expenses.

An easy way to track down any miscellaneous expenses is by reviewing the bank account connected to your the card that was used to pay for your expenses.

You can look at your online transaction record which will show you what you have been spending money on and this could help shed some light on an expense that you are not getting your money’s worth for paying.

These 4 big changeable expenses are the areas where you could improve the most for saving money.

Book Places with Kitchens

Book Places with Kitchens

Booking places with kitchens is going to give you the option to prepare and cook food more which is critical to saving on a trip.

Going out to eat can be part of the fun of traveling. But finding a way eat out for some meals and prepare your own meals is going to allow you to eat the local delicious food and save money.

Buy easy to prepare foods, such as the makings for sandwiches or granola. This is going to make it easier to create 1-2 meals on your own and then go out to eat for the other meal.

Booking areas with a kitchen or a refrigerator that can be very valuable for storing food.

Having even a small kitchen area with a stove and refrigerator are going to allow you to save money on food, which is often one of the biggest expenses that can be changed.

Bring Snacks and Water for Outings

Bringing snacks and water for your outings will help keep you from having to buy something when you are out and in an unknown area.

Bowl of Nuts
Bring Snacks to Save More

These snacks could include any of the following:

  1. Nutritional bars
  2. Fruit
  3. Sandwiches
  4. Nuts

Having some snacks with you at all times will keep you prepared for wherever your day takes you. This kind of preparation is essential for saving money on your trip by making sure that your most basic expenses are taken care of.

Search for Free or Inexpensive Activities

Researching the area of your trip could help you discover some fun and free activities.

This could include walking tours of a city or inexpensive times to visit a local museum. Finding a way to read up on the area you are going to be exploring could help you land some great deals.

Googling the area could give you key insight but another way to read up on your area is by renting or buying a guide book.

A guide book can always be rented from the local library but could end up being a resource that could be worth owning.

Doing extra research into whatever free or inexpensive activities are available in your area could be great for saving.

Travel in Off Season

Traveling in the off-season could be very big for saving because the price for plane or museum tickets and many other services will be cheaper.

The off-season is the not as busy time of year and could be when you find the best deals for traveling.

A way to get the best deal could be to travel when it the very early part of the busy season so that it is before any of the bigger crowds come around and start ramping up the prices for everything.

Picture of Budget
Build a Budget and Stick with It

Build a Budget and Stick with It

Building a budget and sticking with it is always going to be beneficial for a trip because it will force you to be better with your money.

A detailed budget could be key for saving enough money without cutting down on the fun of the trip.

Creating a budget to save money for your upcoming trip could give you extra money for the trip but finding a way to stick to that detailed budget could give you huge savings. Finding a way to build a budget and sticking with it for the duration of the trip will keep you from spending on extra stuff.

Finding a way to still have fun on your trip and save money is the ultimate goal.

Be Flexible When Traveling

Being flexible when traveling could be great for savings because then you can find areas to save. One way to cut down on the price of your plane ticket is to choose a cheaper seat.

You can always give yourself extra time before the airport or extra after your plane is supposed to land to give you more room for downtime.

Carry On Bag
Pack Light to avoid Checking Bags

Pack Light to avoid Checking Bags

Packing light could help you cut down on the fees that come with checking extra bags.

It never hurts to review your airplane carrier to see what there policy is for checked bags and whether there is a significant fee attached to each bag or additional bags.

Each airplane carrier has different rules for carry on and checking bags. Having to check your bag at the airport, as opposed to online at home, will cost you much more.

Woman Walking
Walk More

Walk more Instead of Using a Cab or Car

Walking more can keep you from racking extra expenses from using a cab or driving a car around. If you are visiting a city, then exploring more by foot could save you some and allow you to see more of the area too.

You can try to use local buses too to get because these can be cheap ways to get around the area. Many cities and towns have free or reduced public services available.

Avoid Costly Airport Cabs

Trying to use the airport cabs can turn into a surprisingly expensive task because of how high the price is that cab drivers or other driving services are charging.

Especially if you are in another country with different currencies, don’t use the local drivers because the price could be way more than using Uber or Lyft.

On a recent trip to Peru, the airport was particularly challenging navigating because of how many local drivers came up and pressured us to use their cab.

Allowing yourself to have a little more time so that you can find Uber or Lyft, or another cheaper pick up and transportation service is going to save you a ton.

Credit Cards
Use a Credit Card that Doesn’t Have International Fees

Use a Credit Card that Doesn’t Have International Fees

Using a credit or debit card that doesn’t u international fees can keep you from racking up extra expenses.

If you are planning on using a specific card for most of your trip, research the bank account connected to that card to find out what the fees are for using that card in another country.

Taking out some local currency is sometimes a good idea so that you have some options for paying for expenses.

Having more options can help you get a better price for certain expenses.

This is because sometimes the local currency can be a cheaper rate than using your card, especially if there are extra fees attached to using that card.

In Closing

There are many tips to use that will help you save money while on your trip and make it much more enjoyable.

Follow these tips and focus on saving as much money as you can in the time before your trip to set yourself up as good as possible.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found valuable information about how to save money on traveling.

If you have a question, please leave it below and I will answer it as good as I can.

6 Replies to “How to Save Money on Traveling-11 Key Tips”

  1. Hi Jesse,
    We, too, have found some of your suggestions useful in our travels. Being able to provide much of your own food, is a big money saver. We often budget for the occasional restaurant meal but prepare most of our meals, ourselves.
    We have found ourselves only using carry-on bags whenever possible when we fly to avoid paying extra luggage fees.
    When renting cars, we try to always get unlimited miles. That way we don’t have to pay extra mileage.

    1. Getting the unlimited miles does make sense since they usually don’t give you that much mileage that you can drive per day before you have to pay extra.
      Airlines can charge more for that checked bag so not bringing that bag definitely helps reduce how much you are charged.
      I am glad that you found this post useful!

  2. These are some really good tips that I would have never thought of. It seems like renting a room with a kitchen area would be expensive. I’ve never tried it, though. Then again, I’ve never traveled far enough to worry about it. Thank you for the ideas!

    1. You are welcome!
      Even renting a room with a mini refrigerator could be enough to store some food. That way you could still prepare food and keep it from going bad with the mini refrigerator.
      I am happy that you liked this post!

  3. Loved the article Jesse and particularly those 10 commonsense money saving tips while travelling. All great tips particularly for youthful first time travelers lacking in budgeting experience. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


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