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Product: Rakuten Website and App

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My Rating: 9/10

In this post, which will focus on the review of Rakuten, I am hoping to provide  helpful information about Rakuten and what it potentially can do for you.

Before creating an account with Rakuten, first read this article and get the facts.

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Rakuten Overview

The Rakuten website and app are full of options to save money and get cash back on your purchases. They have featured Double Cash Back Stores that allow you to receive the most cash back but also have other options to save too.

The Rakuten company was started in 1998 in Menlo Park, California and has since grown significantly.

The website and app primarily deal with helping connect people to money saving or cash back opportunities.

Main Ways to Earn Cash Back

There are a few key ways that Rakuten allows for people to get cash back and save money including the following:

Rakuten App

The Cash Back Button

Cash Back Visa Credit Card

In-Store Cash Back


100 dollars
Main Ways to Earn Cash Back

The Rakuten App

Once you have downloaded this app, you will be able to activate the Rakuten Shopping Trip by clicking the Rakuten link.

After you have started the Shopping Trip, you will be alerted that the Cash Back button has been activated and from there you will be taken to the store’s site to continue shopping.

The Cash Back Button

This is a tool that actively will search for discounts and let you know about Cash Back opportunities.

You can download this button at your browser store by searching for Rakuten Cash Back Button. Once it is downloaded, you will see it in your browser bar.

After this button has been downloaded, you will be able to visit a store’s website. From there you will be able to click on the Cash Back Button to see what coupons, discounts and cash back opportunities are available at this store.

Cash Back Visa Credit Card

To get more savings, obtain the Visa Credit Card and gain unlimited additional cash back tips and have no annual fee.

Most purchases made through Rakuten are able to get an additional 3% Cash Back and other purchases get a 1% cash back.

In-Store Cash Back

You can earn cash back shopping in store after you have linked your debit or credit card to your Rakuten account.

When you find an In-Store opportunity to get cash back, activate it and then purchase the item in the store using your debit or credit card that is linked to your account.


There is always the opportunity to activate the Rakuten Shopping Trip by simply clicking on the link in your emails.

If you click on the link, it will send you shopping on that store’s website and you will then be able to open a window that allows you to know that a Cash Back option has been activated.

You can always activate a Shopping Trip on the website by clicking on a Rakuten link, which can be found in coupons, buttons and other areas around the home page.

After you click, an alert will be sent to you that says that the Shopping Trip has been activated so you can earn cash back as you shop on a store’s website.

Benefits of Using

  • You get $10 for signing up, which is a plus.
  • It is free to use and shop online once you have started an account.
  • You only need to be over 18 to create an account and use this site.
  • Creating an account takes just a couple minutes.
  • You can end up earning lots of cash back as well as find discounts to save money.
  • No credit card is needed and the Rakuten site takes reasonable precautions to keep your account and personal information safe.
  • Every purchase you make gives you points and with enough points you can then earn more money back.

Negatives of Using

  • You must create an account before you can buy or sell any products.
  • An account that is created can also be disabled without any prior notice.
  • Rakuten will not be responsible for a disabled account.
  • It can take a while to get used to navigating the Rakuten website.
  • Rakuten promotes a lot of advertisements on app and website that could tempt a person to buy extra items that they don’t need.

What I Think of This Resource

I believe this is a resource that is worth trying out, especially if you are already buying products from the retailers that are part of Rakuten.

If you familiarize yourself with the website and app, you will likely be able to use these resources easily and start getting cash back.

I believe that using is definitely worth it if you buy anything from main stream retailers. This is because you can save a significant amount of money with the cash back opportunities.

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I hope you liked this review of Rakuten and that you utilize this resource.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer them as best as I can.

4 Replies to “Review of Rakuten – Resource to Save Easily”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    Your article is very informative. Your information is clear and easy to understand. I also really like your honest opinion on the positives and negatives of using Rakuten as a money saving resource, as well as your overall opinion. I didn’t know this resource even existed till I read your article but I’ll be sure to check it out!

  2. I’ve seen the commercial for Rakuten where if people can pronounce it right they get to keep the money in the cabinet.

    I really never paid attention to the commercial other than watching the folks get the money after they pronounce the word correctly.

    This is something I’m interested in and checking out more about. The only thing I don’t like is attaching my credit card to the app. I don’t think that is safe, but that’s just me.

    Good clean site and very easy to understand the content. Thank you for your time in this review.


    1. I’m happy that you liked this post!
      I remember watching the commercial and seeing the people get the money if they pronounced Rakuten correctly.
      Definitely check out this resource and give it a try.

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