The Penny Hoarder Review -Possible Resource

ThePennyHoarder is a potentially excellent resource for learning about money making, saving or managing opportunities.

I love to visit this site because there is always a new article that tells me how to save money on something new.

There seems to be no end to how helpful this site can be and continues to update its articles every day.

Whether you are searching for a little income boost, or about to run out of money, this website could help you out.

At the very least it will provide you with a lot of different options for saving money that you will almost definitely be able to use in your life.

The 4 main reasons I go to this site are the following:

Money Making Opportunities

Money Saving Opportunities

Helpful Tools for Budgeting Your Money

The Penny Hoarder Academy

I often visit this site because they have so many useful ideas for saving money.

In this post I will focus on The Penny Hoarder Review and hope to show you how helpful and effective visiting this site is for finding opportunities for saving or making money.

About PennyHoarder

This resource describes themselves as an educator to people on how to save, make money and budget money more effectively. It’s bio tells you that they are highly ranked in the U.S. as one of the fastest growing private companies out there.

They have the following stats:

  • Between 12 and 17 million readers per month
  • 1.2 million email subscribers
  • 6.9 million Facebook fans

Kyle Taylor is the founder and CEO of this company. He started this business in 2010 and it has quickly grown into one of the more well known names in the financial educating world.

He has spent over 6 years working as a campaign worker who directed field strategy and raised millions of dollars.

Kyle and his team are constantly updating their content in order to make it more powerful and helpful.

Money Making Opportunities

Visit the Make Money menu in the left corner of the home page and you will be given the choice to focus on 3 areas including Side Gigs, Quick Money or Work From Home.

The Side Gigs area is mainly looking at side jobs that could be easy for you to start using and earn money quickly. These jobs are tested out by their staff to determine which ones are the best options for consistently making money.

Some jobs that are suggested here are DoorDash delivery driver, listing your place as an Airbnb, delivering groceries and much more.

Drive for DoorDash on Your Own Schedule

In a previous post, I focused on how becoming a DoorDash delivery driver, or an Instacart shopper, could be an easy side job to boost your income.

The Quick Money area is mostly focused on finding different ways to make quick money primarily not through working a side job.

There are plenty of options to generate money such as watching videos online, investing in Acorns for digital pocket change or take pictures and get paid for them.

Clothes Hanging
Sell Some of Your Clothes to Consignment Stores

I discovered from one article that I could bring some of my clothes to a nearby store and get some money for them. It was a technique that gave me some extra money and it was easy to add this to my normal routine.

If you want to learn how to make money with your clothes, read How to Make Money Selling Your Clothes.

The Work From Home area gives you articles which focus on finding a job.

If you are trying to work from home, such as becoming a search engine evaluator, proofreader or virtual bookkeeper, this could be a great resource.

They give you a list of jobs available and include whether that job has benefits, involves working on a set schedule or if the job involves working on the phone.

These are jobs that could be great for someone who works primarily at home or is looking to pick up a job that they can work on their own schedule.

They are adding new jobs daily here. Searching this area could give you all kinds of different ideas for a job that you never knew could work well for you.

Jar of Coins
Money Saving Opportunities

Money Saving Opportunities

Visit the The Save Money menu to find articles which focus on different strategies to save money.

A key article uses 6 step-by-step ways to save money every month and efficiently gets you creating strategies and goals to save money.

They have useful articles for helping you to find fast ways to reduce your expenses and start feeling in control of your finances. There are even articles focused on back to school shopping that could help you save money and still get the supplies you need.

There are articles dedicated to saving you money for grocery shopping through different apps. You can find so many ideas to start cutting your expenses and save you money today.

You can take a picture of your grocery receipt, or any receipt, and get paid money to do this through the Fetch Rewards app.

Taking a picture of your receipt right after you shop was an easy way to generate a little money right away.

You can sign up to hear about the best tips, tools and other helpful suggestions for how to start adding money to your bank account quickly.

If you are looking for more money saving opportunities, read How To Save Money for Everyday Items.

Helpful Tools for Budgeting Your Money

The Budgeting menu will give you tons of helpful tools, articles and tips to get you spending less money and saving more.

They have budgeting articles which focus on ways for you to save your money better as well as get connected with additional resources if you would like to save more.

They have articles geared towards preparing for a financial emergency by building up a safety net of money. These articles show you how to start implementing ways to help prepare you for an unexpected change in income.

One of the main articles here focuses on how to quickly determine your monthly income and monthly expenses to give an accurate idea of where you financially stand.

Then they provide you with a step-by-step guide to help create a budget that you realistically can stay with and start to see positive benefits.

They also give you different methods to try out to save money including a 50/30/20 method or a Bare-Bones Budget.

There are articles dedicated to showing how each budgeting methods could be right for you and how to start using it today.

The 50/30/20 method includes putting 50% of your income towards your essentials, 30% towards purchasing what you enjoy and 20% goes to achieving your financial goals.

The Bare-Bones Budget is concentrated on only buying what you absolutely need.

There are articles which explain what the different budgeting methods involve The articles also explain how each method can be effectively used and whether that budgeting method is right for you.

They also include tips that can help you become even better at managing your money such as the Cash Envelope System and many more tips.

If you are interested in more tips for managing money, read How To Budget Your Money Better.

Books in Library as a Resource
The Penny Hoarder Academy

The Penny Hoarder Academy

The Penny Hoarder Academy is a tremendous resource to learn all kinds of helpful information to start saving or making you money and learn about personal finance.

There are courses here for learning more about the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • HomeBuying
  • Budgeting
  • Job Hunting
  • Credit Scores
  • Groceries

I recently started going through here more and have discovered a ton of beneficial information. There is a huge amount of information here and I like to go through just a little at a time.

Each of these courses focuses on specific areas and give you tons of background information to help you learn more about each. They break each course down into 6-8 main areas and give you specific advice on how to implement what they are teaching.

The Credit Cards course gives you the main facts about credit cards including the front and back details of a card. They explain how credit cards work, what types of cards are out there, tips for using your credit card responsibly and much more.

These courses are designed to give helpful advice and facts to people, whether you are brand new to budgeting or an experienced saver looking for a new way to save even more.

The Penny Hoarder Academy has tons of useful information that can be used for saving money on groceries, earning money through effective job hunting or establishing a strong credit score.

Entrance to Knowledgable Resource
Consistently Spend Time on This Site


Consistently Spend Time on This Site

The Penny Hoarder site is one of the most abundant resources for learning new techniques for saving or making money.

There are so many articles to potentially save money on this site that I really can’t say enough about this superb resource.

I like living a more frugal life and the Penny Hoarder has many different ideas to help someone do that.

I recommend using this site as one of your main tools whenever you are having any financial issues.

Starting your search at ThePennyHoarder for making money, saving money or managing money, is likely going to give you beneficial information.

I hope you liked this post that focused on The Penny Hoarder Review and that you use this excellent resource to help you save, make or manage money better.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them as best as I can.

14 Replies to “The Penny Hoarder Review -Possible Resource”

  1. Thank you for a solid review on the Penny Hoarder. I am always looking for resources and ways to help save and make more money. I will definitely be reading and spending some time on that site. Appreciate the insights!

  2. Hi Jesse,
    Thanks for the great review! I love to travel and what I love even more is to travel long term. Long term travel isn’t cheap and finding ways to earn a little extra cash from my laptop is what I’m all about.

    From your description of “the penny hoarder”, it seems like a resource that could really help me out.

    I’m certainly going to try out some of the techniques, see if I can make a little money. I’ll be back to let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for putting me onto it 🙂

  3. Thank you, Jessie, for this awesome review.
    I’ve come across this site every now and again and have been quite impressed by it.
    What I didn’t realize was all that it offered. My son and his wife are starting to look for their own home and might find some great help there.
    And my daughter and her husband have been looking into budgeting help. They’ve been looking at Dave Ramsey as well. This might be another site you’d like to review.
    Thanks again,

  4. Awesome post!

    Im actually going to Uni soon and tips on saving money are going to make my life so much easier!

    The information is great, set out easy to read and good images.

    What’s your best method of saving?

    1. I am happy that you liked the post!
      I tend to focus on being more frugal and that is my best method of saving money.
      Figuring out what works for you is very important because everyone is different.

  5. I never thought that there was a training for how to saving the money, really quite effective I think. I admit that I need also to have more knowledge about this topic about saving money. Quite difficult to contol and not thinking about it or too much spending when still has a money in the wallet. How to avoid this?

    1. I am happy that you liked this post!
      The Penny Hoarder has tons of helpful information for saving money.
      You can also look at my other posts that I have written to learn more about saving money.

  6. I love the detail that you give on the site.

    I’d never heard of them before, but after you’re informative review I’m definitely going to check them out. From what you’ve said I can most likely find a lot of resources there to help my with finally sticking to a budget.

    I see I’ll also have to come back to your site to learn more as well.

    Thank you

  7. I like that your showing ways to both save and make money.

    Either way, your winning as you will be putting $ into your pocket.

    Which way do you find most of your readers gravitating to?

    Thanks for the information.


    1. You are welcome!
      Most people are interested in both saving and making money. I like to focus more on saving money because there is often more room to improve in how you save money.
      I am happy that you liked this post!

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