Ways to Save Money on Electric Bill -8 Tips

The electricity bill can become a significant expense and needs to be focused on. There are many ways to cut down the electric bill and mostly come down to doing them consistently.

The 8 key tips to use include:

  1. Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater
  2. Use a Thermostat that is Programmable
  3. Wear More Clothing at Home
  4. Wash Clothes in Cold Water
  5. Install LED Light Bulbs
  6. Do Regular Maintenance on Big Appliances
  7. Turn OFF All Appliances When Not Being Used
  8. Sign Up for Smart Meter Setup

Use these tips to reduce your electrical and energy bills and keep them from getting too expensive. Many of the tips listed here focus on reducing your electrical or heating bills which can overlap.

Through this post I will provide helpful and valuable tips for ways to save money on electric bill.

Lower the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Lowering the temperature on your water heater can easily cut down on your electricity bill. If you lower the temperature on the water heater, then you will not be using as much energy to heat your water.

A water heater is in charge of sending hot water to your sinks, showers, dishwashers and any other big appliances that use water. Lowering the water heater involves adjusting what temperature your heater is set at.

The recommended temperature for your heater to be set at is 120 Fahrenheit.

Check out this article to get detailed instructions on how to change the temperature on your water heater.

Programmable and Digital Thermostat
Use a Thermostat that is Programmable

Use a Thermostat that is Programmable

Using a thermostat that is programmable could save you tons of energy every month. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, it could be worth it to install one. Usually it costs around $90 to get a digital and programmable thermostat installed.

This is an investment but will likely save you a lot over years of use, especially if you live in an area where you have to use a lot of heat to stay warm in the winter. Lowering the temperature on your thermostat is always a great way to reduce your electric bill and every degree you go down the more you will save.

Spend some time researching how much you spend per year on heating your place and compare the price of installing a programmable thermostat.

Most likely you will be able to make back close to the money you invest in the programmable thermostat in the first year. And this programmable thermostat will continue to save you money for years to come.

Wear More Clothing at Home

Wearing more clothing at home is an easy way to save on your heating and electric bills. Wearing more clothes will keep you warmer and keep you from using as much heat to stay warm.

This will reduce the temperature of your place which will keep your costs down. I usually wear a layer or two when I am home to keep myself warm so that I do not have to keep my place as warm.

This can be an easy way to cut down on your utility expenses by wearing a few extra clothes. Getting into the habit of throwing on a couple extra layers will keep your heating and electrical bills down.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Washing clothes in cold water can help cut down on your electrical cost because less energy will be needed. It takes much less energy to clean clothes with cold water than with hot water and most of your clothes can be cleaned this way.

I like to do this for some of my clothes whenever possible because it will cost less. Try this out for a couple laundry loads to see how effective it can be for reducing your electrical bill.

Cold water washing can be great for cleaning your clothes without shrinking them. Shrinking go some clothes can happen when hot water washing is used with some clothes.

The more laundry you do the more using cold water washing could help you save money.

Install LED Light Bulbs

Installing LED light bulbs will help you save on how much energy your lights use. These LED light bulbs must have the Energy Star label on them which shows that they are more efficient than regular light bulbs.

If you have many light bulbs in your place, then replacing them with energy efficient bulbs could save you a lot. I like to focus on replacing the bulbs in areas where I spend the most time.

Replacing these heavily used light bulbs will allow you to save more because you are going to be lighting these areas more.

LED light bulbs use about 80% less energy than normal light bulbs so installing them could lead to consistent savings. The LED light bulbs are more expensive initially but in the long run you will significantly save money.

Also, LED light bulbs are better for the planet and will reduce your carbon footprint. One of these light bulbs could last up to 10 years and be much better for the environment.

Do Regular Maintenance on Big Appliances

Doing regular maintenance on your big appliances can be quite effective at reducing your electrical bill. Focus on the main appliances in place such as the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • Dryer
  • Oven

Check inside all of these to make sure there is nothing blocking the vents as well as check the outside too. Clearing any dirt, dust or comb webs that are building up around the vents could increase efficiency and reduce the chance of a fire starting too.

I like to clean out my refrigerator and freezer every month or so in order to check to make sure that there is nothing messing with the inside of the refrigerator. Doing an annual check up on all of your major appliances should be enough to keep them in tip-top working order.

Electrical Outlet with Tons of Cords Plugged In
Turn OFF All Appliances When Not Being Used

Turn OFF All Appliances When Not Being Used

Turning OFF all appliances when they are not being used could be key for cutting down on costs. I like to unplug most of the major electrical appliances when I leave home so that no extra energy is being used.

Even being plugged in can cost significant energy over time so it can be a great idea to unplug unused appliances. I like to unplug computer chargers, space heaters, TVs, coffee makers or phone chargers that are not being used to save on energy.

Especially if you are going to leave your home for some time, unplugging unused electrical appliances can be an easy way to save money.

Sign Up for Smart Meter Setup

Signing up for a Smart meter setup could be a way for you to save more than long as this is an option. Some energy providers will not have a smart meter option but more and more are having this option.

Installing a smart meter can be great for monitoring your electrical use each month. These meters monitor your usage and make sure that there are no energy overloads to your power grid.

If you are getting close to your energy capacity for your power grid, then this meter will have your energy turned off for brief periods of time, such as 20 minutes.

This can be a really good option if you are away from home for most of the day because these short periods of time when power is turned off can save a lot. If you are away for most of the day, then you are not going to notice or care if the power goes off a couple times a day.

Check to see if this is an option for you and you could start saving more after installing this smart meter setup.

If you want to learn more about how to save on your energy bills, read How to Save Money on Utility Bills.

Utilize These Tips

Utilize these tips to save on your electrical bill and you should find yourself saving more in no time. Some of these tips require an investment of money at first, but in the long run it will save you much more to spend a little more at first.

I hope that you enjoyed this post about ways to save money on electric bill and learned some practical tips that you can use.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. Great tips. In the winter I always wear extra layers of clothes even when I go to bed. After reading an article about washing clothes in hot water (apparently we don’t need to use hot water as much as we think we do to wash our clothes), I wash my clothes mostly in cold water. I never thought about lowering the temperature of my water heater. I will have to look into that. Thanks for sharing!

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