What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs-Top 6

There are some amazing jobs where you can work from home and you just need to know where to find them. I have done key research to find which jobs are going to be better for working from your home.

The 6 best work from home jobs include the following:



Travel Agent

Host or Attend Videos on Symposium

Rover Dog Sitting or Walking

AirBnB Host

The flexibility and money opportunities here could lead to sizable opportunities for making a living working on your own schedule.

Through this post I hope to show you what are the best work from home jobs out there and the potential of these jobs.

Home Office
Proofread From Home


If you have the ability to spell check and fix documents, then becoming a proofreader could be just the right job for you. Proofreaders generally check and review documents or papers in order to get them ready for publication.

There are tons of opportunities to do proofreading jobs but it can be a little harder to find consistent good paying ones. A key detail to understand is that editors and proofreader are not the same job.

An editor will focus on changing big parts of the content of a document in order to get it ready to be seen by a proofreader. A proofreader is the last step before publication and is a critical error spotting job in need.

To be a proofreader you should be able to do the following:

  1. Have Strong Understanding of English language
  2. Detail Oriented Personality
  3. Can Meet Specific Deadlines
  4. Experience with Microsoft Word

These are some main skills needed to be a proofreader. If you have these skills, then this could be a great side job for you. The pay per hour usually ranges from $20-$38 and can be increased from this as you gain experience.

To find proofreading jobs one of the best resources is to use Flexjobs. Flexjobs is known to have consistent, straight forward and legitimate job opportunities for proofreaders and other freelance jobs. The website was easy to navigate and find potential job opportunities in your area.


Becoming a blogger can be a great way to earn consistent money from home. The biggest challenges for this job will be finding the right online learning platform and putting in enough work to consistently make money.

The best learning to platform out there is Wealthy Affiliate because it has all the information you will need to succeed. Wealthy Affiliate has training videos, customer service that is very helpful and a tremendous community of members with extensive knowledge.

The main ways that you can make money through creating and maintaining a website is by using affiliate marketing or Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing is when you put links within your articles that are focused on selling these products.

These affiliate links can connect to any product you can think of and this is the primary way that people make money through blogging. You make money when people click on these links and buy the product you are promoting and other products through this link.

The other main way to generate money is through using Google Adsense. This way focuses on putting relevant advertisements in your website and articles. This can be smaller money but once you have enough traffic coming to your website you can make money consistently through this.

You make money when people click on your advertisements within your articles and website. Each click is not that much but with enough traffic it could turn into a bigger side income.

Blogger involves starting a website and consistently posting articles. You do this in order to provide helpful and valuable information to people and eventually make money from this. It will likely take you a few months to start making money consistently.

If you have interested in making this job work out for you, you will need to be consistent about learning and posting articles. Wealthy Affiliate has a training program designed to get anyone started out as blogger. Whether you have tons of experience in website work or no experience at all, this resource will likely help you succeed.

Snowy Mountain Destination
Work as a Travel Agent

Travel Agent

A travel agent can be a straight forward way to make money without a ton of start up money needed. Travel agents plan out trips for individuals or families in order to simply the trip and make it more enjoyable.

I planned out a trip to Peru for my cousin and myself that turned into a great, inexpensive adventure. I spent some significant time planning out the details for the trip. It turned into a memorable but overall not that expensive trip because I was prepared for it.

A travel agent could be a job that is ideal for someone who wants to focus on a certain beautiful destination. I live in an area that gets huge amounts of tourism every year and I work at a very popular place.

There are many people in my area that make a living off of being a travel agent. Tourism is huge for the area and being able to advertise themselves in the same way a travel agent does is key.

You can either start your own business or work at a travel agency office. Working at a travel agency can get you key experience in how to make it working as a travel agent in a certain area.

If you are willing to start your own business and you have some business experience, then you could start your own business as a travel agent. There is no certification required to be a travel agent. But I would suggest getting some business education, specifically on how to start your own business.

There are many kinds of travel agents out there but I would suggest becoming an expert for a specific destination in order to have the strongest chance of making consistent money.

At the very least there can be a lot of potential for saving money by becoming a much savvier traveler. I spent a ton of time researching the details for my Peru trip and there was plenty of chances to spend way more money at first.

The more I researched the more I was able to save for my cousin and myself. Take some time to think about whether a career as a travel agent is right for you but also become a savvier traveler to save tons.

If you are interested in saving money on traveling, read How to Save Money on a Cruise.

Host or Attend Videos on Symposium

Symposium is a company that is focused on providing jobs for working professionals and other interested in teaching skills to other people. You can create your own offer for others to use and teach someone a valuable skill that is in need.

If you have a skill that is in need by people, such as teaching people how to drive a stick shift, then you could make some money hosting a training video for people.

I like how you can create a video for whatever niche you are interested in. Getting creative here could be a way for you to start earning money here because there could be a skill that you have which is very desirable.

As technology continues to progress, there is going to be more videos focused on training people for certain skills. Use Symposium to get your start in this video training focused world and start earning.

Woman Walking a Dog
Work With Rover for Dog Sitting or Walking

Rover for Dog Sitting or Walking

Rover can be a flexible job where you can make good money working on your own schedule. I have always liked to work on my own schedule and thought that dog walking and dog sitting could be a simple and enjoyable job.

There can be plenty of jobs available through Rover and doesn’t require very much to get approved into their system. Signing up for Rover is free and fairly straight forward.

You will need to pass a background check as well as provide a couple referrals about your experience. I used friends who I walked dogs for as referrals and this was enough to get started.

Living in a busy and dense population area helped provide dog walking and sitting jobs for my area. Dog sitting is something that can be done from the comfort of someone else’s home but could have other benefits as well.

Dog walking is a job that can be based from your home as long as you have a vehicle that can hold 3 medium-sized dogs comfortably. If you have experience working with dogs or enjoy working with dogs, then this could be an enjoyable side income.

AirBnB Host

An AirBnB host is a job that can be completed from home that pays well if you have the space for it. It is important to check your lease or the rules for renting in your place because sometimes there are rules against renting out your place.

I have family that rent out a room on their property and it was an easy way to boost their income without being a big inconvenience. Becoming an AirBnB host is free and you will be charged 3-5% per listing which is the same or less than the other competitors rates.

Also, AirBnB hosts can sign up for significant protection, up to 1 million dollars in protection. Some keys to remember here is stick up for yourself and be honest about what you are offering to potential guests.

Determine what your place can offer to guest and focus on selling this feature. Whether this is giving a tour of the local area or providing discounts for people staying multiple nights, these can all add up too much more money.

More popular destinations are likely to get more business opportunities but don’t discount your place as rental option if you are not in a popular location.

I booked a reservation for a spot in Peru that turned out to be a magnificent location, even though it was well off the main path.

If you can advertise your rental space with its specific attractive features, then you could start to generate some money from this. Give it some time and do a little research into AirBnB hosting on their site to see if this sounds like the right side income opportunity for you.

Research and Explore A New Job

There are many opportunities to start working from home as a side income or full time income. Research what jobs will make sense for your skill set and then challenge yourself to learn as much as you can in this work from home job.

The more that you apply yourself the more likely it will be that you eventually start to make money from this new side hustle. Finding time to explore a new side hustle could be a way to discover a job that helps pay the bills and follow a passion of yours.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and learned helpful tips about what are the best work from home jobs and where to find them.

If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. Thanks you for this info. The need for work from home jobs are increasing by the day. I wouldnt mind having something on the side making me supplemental income.

    I’m super interested in Blogging, Proofreading, and Hosting a video to teach others! Any income is better than no additional income. Thanks for sharing! Great website content!

  2. The Symposium thing is very interesting to me – I read a lot of blogs about different part time or remote jobs you can do, as I am looking for something new career wise. This is a website I have never heard of, glad you could find something different and creative to add to your list! I find that I am often reading similar lists over and over, so I appreciate your opinion and effort to tell me about something I did not know of.

  3. Where has this website been? This is a place I should have been visiting a long time ago. The various ideas you present are very interesting, from proof reading to trade options.

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